1. Went to Taiwan and attended the Buddhist Children Teaching Course together with a lot of wonderful people from Singapore and Malaysia.

2. Deeply touched while visiting an orphan house in Taiwan

3. Official teacher in the Buddhist Light International Association, Brunei.

4. I am seeing someone now 🙂

5. Visited Borobodor

6. Visited Old Folk House in Seria Brunei

7. Double Promoted to Yellow 2 Belt from White Belt in Taekwando

8. Attended Autocad Class

9. Worked as a Part Time Lecturer in Diploma in Computing.

10. Shifted home twice due to Land Erosion

11. Went on a Hen’s Nite Trip to KK

12. Went through a tragic with my family

13. Can cook white fungus dessert now

Is a shamed I didn’t complete this post.. I have no idea wat I suppose to write.. Posted after 10 yrs










36 岁咯。。

The Pink Cake

(Conversation Between SJ and Zing on Msn)

SJ: I wanna pass you something.
Zing (in Singapore): what is that? a Pink Cake? or Potato Chips?

I’m surprised that my ex secondary friend still can remember the pink cake and potato chips :”) 1997, I was picking up cooking and i was always proud to bring my experiments to school. Zing used to sit right beside me and she always had the honour to be the first one to try my experiments. I still remember Jamie gave me the Potato Chips receipe and I brought the experiment to school. It was Black, and not so crispy. It was black not because it was overcooked, but it was oxidized. Jamie said the taste was there, but just the look was out of the way. Lim Poh wrote a comment on my autograph “I will always remember the Black black thing that you brought to school”.

I remember I made the Pink cake but i could’t remember i brought it to school. I decided to share the story about the pink cake here, because its one of the naive things i did during my school days.

I used to read a lot of Slam Dunk and that made me attracted to guys who are tall and play basketball. There was this guy who was tall and slim (“was” because the last time i saw him he was not slim anymore), with long hair and played basketball in our school almost every afternoon. I was attracted to him one afternoon when he was playing basketball with naked upperbody and a short and tight boxer-like pants. I believe I wasn’t the only gal who was staring at him. He said Hi to me one day, we talked, then we became Friends and hanged out together few times in some occassions.

It was the Mooncake festival of 1997, we went to the temple together. I rushed home early that day, and made a pink cake of a shape and size of a mooncake for him. I believe i also brought some of the other shapes to school the next day. and tat’s the Pink cake that Zing was refering to. Actually I’m happy that she still remember what i did 11 yrs ago 😛

After the Mooncake Festival, he went back to UK for his studies.. and that ended my Basketball player Fantasy!!

We bought the 8:30am VIP Bus ticket to Vientiane a day earlier. I woke up at 7am that morning (seriously i haven’t been like me when i was in Laos, i wake up real early everyday) The same friendly attendant/waiter attended to us when we checking out again. I really like him and we tipped him and i told him “You are very nice”. While walking to Scanidavian Bakery, I was telling myself that I will miss this morning walk to Breakfast in Luangprabang. It was really peaceful and the weather was great! and couldn’t wait to have breakfast every morning. We were approached by a tuk tuk driver, but we rejected him. He still followed us all the way to Scanidavian and he told us he will wait for us til we finish our breakfast.

It took us about 4 minutes walk to Scanidavian Bakery. I read about Scanidavian from travel blogs and i was told it can’t be missed. We were not sure what to order, so we both ordered croissants. Mine is Chocolate Croissants and Ken had Ham in Croissants. I think it was really good!!  ( i bought another chocolate croissants in KL Airport after a few days, and i tell u the the Croissant in KL Airport is really Sux!) I suppose Scanidavian is a german bakery as it has logo of a pretzel and it also has outlets worldwide. While Louis was out for photo shooting, there was this boy who approached everyone in the bakery to buy his bracelets, but  me. I suppose he thought I’m a local. When Louis was back, We were then approached by another Lao Gal. (Does that mean i really look like Lao? or look like Local Companion)

I found this lao gal who approached us very sweet, nice and polite. I spent sometime picking the bracelet and asked for some discount. I really like her so i didn’t ask for much discount. We ended up buying 6 bracelet at 60 000kip (about USD7). I gave her a small notebook with a pen which i brought from Brunei. Soon after she left, a little lao boy came. He asked us how much we got for our bracelet and offered 3 for 10 000kip!! i was totally ripped off by the gal! haha.. So we bought more from him, but i only left goodies for the gals, so i didn’t give anything to this nice boy.

We finished our breakfast at 8:10 am then get into the tuktuk, he waited 30mins and we still asked for discount from him. We gave him USD 2 to him. While leaving the town of Luang Prabang, I knew i will miss this place.

The VIP Bus is a big Yellow Bus, is really big and high up, with Toilet in it. However the toilet room is small and ceiling is really low. When i went in, my head can touched the ceiling. and While the bus is moving, the water in the toilet bowl might wave up and wet you. So i only went in once and i found it real disgusting. Our allocated seat was just right in front of the staircase to the toilet and a tv, and we can rest our feet on to the grip of the staircase. Throughout the bus ride, i have slight car sick, but it was alright, and i would say its comfortable, really worth paying extra for that. They played a Lao Funny show once at the beginning of the ride. The bus conductor first gave each of us a Bun, then followed with a Plastic bag. I suppose the bag is for us to puke or throw rubbish. But when Louis asked him what’s the bag for, the Bus Conductor said is “CONDOM”. haha… Very good PR Skill. During the ride, we saw some nice scenery, rainbow, and a well which reminds me of Plain of Jars.  At 1:30, we stopped at Kasi for Lunch. We were served with Mixed RIce (Chak Fan), but when it was my turn all the dishes were gone, so i picked soup noodles. Louis’s Mixed Rice was nice, wondering how come we didn’t get to eat such local lao food in restaurant. The bus stopped at Vang Vieng after 5 Hrs. Some ppl got down and some new ppl came in to the bus. I miss Vang Vieng too!

We finally arrived at Vientiane at 6pm. the feeling was great and we were back to the first Bus Station when we were leaving to Vang Vieng, the very first place we visited in Laos. We were approached by a Tuk Tuk man to drive us to the Central or Guest House. His tuk tuk was already full, so we got into the front passenger seat. and paid 10 000kip per person. We waited quite sometimes b4 he started the ride, it was so packed at the back. We finally see the City of VIentiane, then we stopped at Intercity hotel which is beside the Mekong RIver. We waited for very long time, duno waiting for what. I was about to get down and walk to our guest house as i roughly know where it is. But the driver got back to the tuk tuk when i was about to leave.

We arrived at Saysouly at 7pm. Saysouly Guesthouse (sounds like Say Sorry) is a very big house with 20 over rooms. It cost us USD13 for a aircon ensuite. Our room is on the 1st floor and we had to pass by the shared bathrooms to get to the staircase. Its normally wet outside the bathrooms, we tried to walk as fast as we could to pass by the bathrooms. The room is full of mosquitos and the bathroom wasn’t clean. After dropping our luggage, we went out for dinner. I told the macho receptionist that the room is full of mosquitos and he promised me that he will spray later.

Our GUesthouse is just a minute walk from Mekong RIver. We walked along the shops along the Mekong River then hunting for a restaurant along the river to settle down. We found one with a macho waiter at about 8pm. I ordered tomyam soup with fish, GreenCurry with Mixed Vege, 2 Prawns. There were ladies approaching us to buy their sotong bakar and also children begging for money. I didn’t see any Beggers throughout the whole trip til i reached vientiane. After our dinner, We saw Gabriel and Ah Man!! They were so surprise to see us too! we joined their table and had a long chat. Gabriel and Ah man are the UK + Thai Couple we were in the same tourgroup in VangVieng. Ah man showed us the China phone he bought from the Morning market and recommended us to visit the next day. She told us thailand is just within our sight across the river. Yes.. we could see Thailand! They also told us its been raining after the day we left Vangvieng and the water turns Brown, and a lot of unidentified insects flying around and biting their eye lid. I really felt so lucky that we left Vang Vieng Early.

We then went for Durian Hunt, It was 9:30! A tuk tuk who thought he can understand us brought us to the fountain area where Scanidavian Vientiane is. We told them we didn’t want food, we want Durian, then i drew him a durian, then only he brought us to somewhere near the morning market for Durian. The durians are all thailand durian, not Lao durian. We spent 30 000kip for that durian. Its nice! We then took the same tuk tuk back to the guesthouse, However we didn’t have enuf kip to pay him. So we went to the cyber cafe around for a short while then get the change and paid him.

I checked with the Macho Receptionist about the Monk’s alms. He said the Monks passed by the guest house at 5:30 am and his tip to me is “Must give to every monk” and its about 9 of them.

THe boat departing for Pakou is at 8am. we had Breakfast at a nice kopitiam after we booked our boat and van ride to Pakou and KuangSi Waterfall. It costs 100 000 kip for this full day ride.

the boat ride to Pakou via Mekong river wasn’t too good! it was good and excited at the beginning. but after 30mins, wah, really canot tahan liao.. its so slow!!! and this went on for another 1.5 hrs, then we stopped at the Whiskey Village, where they make their rice wine there. there was also a lot of stalls selling things we saw in the Hmong Market. Interesting enuf, we saw a young gal opening coconut with a parang. There is also a Wat in there and there are interesting statues in there.

We continued the boat ride and we arrived at Pakou – Tamting Cave. Its quite nice up there, you can see thousands of Buddha statues in there, which were brought into this cave earlier by Chinese. Some statues were brought in, some were made there. There is another cave up up higher. and we wish we had a torch light with us. We were too thrifty to rent a torch light, so we went into the cave, and couldn’t see anything. we use our camera to take shots so we know what is in front of us after previewing the picture after each shot. at the end, we saw some tourist with torch light and tour guide with them, we followed their back to explore and listen to the tour guide explanation. Other than buddha statues, you see kids selling birds and balloons to be free. DD thinks the birds and the vendors have a agreement, the vendors get the money and the birds get the food. after these birds are freed, they flew back to the vendors again. hehe… another 2.5 hrs back to the land, overall i think the visit doesn’t really worth the long boat ride. 😛

Back to the land, and dinner in Phousi GUest House restaurant. We had Meat Paradise, which is better known as Buffalo Bah Kua. its so hard!! and we had sticky rice, its harder than sticky. but at least the waiter is good and got free banana to eat!

Our Van ride to Kuangsi Waterfall departing at 2pm, the pickup point is at the travel agent. We bought a fresh orange juice from a pharmachy and the van was still not ready to go. At the end, the van started moving. It first stopped at a place along the mekong river, we pass our tickets to the conductor and waited for sometimes. Then the van drove us back to where the travel agent is, and pick up 2 more guys. then drove back to the mekong river there and passed the ticket to the conductor and waited again. finally we leaving for Kuangsi. when we arrived, it was already 2:50pm! and we have to get back to the van by 4:30pm.

When we arrived at Kuangsi, we first visited the Bear rescue center. ha.. two bears were mating. we spent couple of minutes checking out them mating. But the female bear seems like doesn’t want to do it. We then went to see Phet the Tiger, but he was out tat day!!! argh…

Soon we saw the first few pools of Kuangsi. is Crystal clear Blue!! i nvr see any waterfall with that charming color before. we moved up and up.. and to the great fall. As my eguides said swimming at the top of the fall is nice… so we climbed up to that area. the climb wasn’t too tough, wow.. then we saw a lot of ppl playing there, one guy was trying to swim towards the fall but couldn’t, cos the current was quite strong. the water was so cold, we change to our bathing suit and walk into the fall.. i love it there. its really cold but it was an excellent experience. We met Edwin from England there, and we had a great chat.

at about 4:10pm, we left the place and we saw the tree where ppl climbed up there and jumped into the pool. I told edwin that he jump, ken jump. so he did and he did and i did it too! i did it twice cos ken didn’t took the video of me jumping at the first jump.

We arrived at guest house at 5:45pm and we decided to see the view of Mekong river before sunset. It’s very beautiful!! we showered and went out for Dinner at LPB restaurant 7pm. We asked the waiter about a sound of an animal that we heard every night. Ken try to imitate the sound, and the waiter said is chicken. we were not quite convinced.

We were discussing about if we should go to Phonsavan for plain of jars the next day. We have our accomodation booked, but the problem we had is that the journey will takes 9 hrs… and after the visit, we have to take another 11 hrs bus back to vientiane. We discussed long and think over and over again.. and Our conclusion was GO!!!