Dear Meghan

Its been a long breastfeeding relationship with you. I love it when you smile with your head nodding asking for Nen Nen time. I love it when you waited for me to give you Nen Nen time at night. I love to hear all funny noises you make during feeding.

Knowing you are my last born, I would love to wean you off naturally, following your will, without any cries.

But i think its time to stop now as you are not able to sleep well, waking up looking for Nennen couple of times and you would latch for the whole night. There are also decays on your teeth which left a tiny hole at your front tooth. My back are soaring from the side feeding every night. Tomorrow will be your first night sleeping without me around since you existed in this world.

I hope you can take it well. Love you






she danced like a bird, always the star of our dance..

she sang like a star, soft and full of emotions..

she acted like a pro, always the main character in our dramas..

she gave speeches, story-telling.. like no one ever had done at our school..

she inspired others, she was idolised by the juniors..

she loves details of things she saw.. the earrings on the performers, the shades on the mountain, the colors of the river..

she is a perfectionist.. she picked the most perfect photos for her ig..

She is a wanderlust.. she been to every continents and experienced the most..

She is my true friend, she comforted me with a pat on my shoulder.. she always there for me.. she never turns me down even i requested her to do things she didn’t want to… she listened to me.. she defended for me..

you are now gone.. just like other super stars… you are always the brightest star in my heart.








1. Went to Taiwan and attended the Buddhist Children Teaching Course together with a lot of wonderful people from Singapore and Malaysia.

2. Deeply touched while visiting an orphan house in Taiwan

3. Official teacher in the Buddhist Light International Association, Brunei.

4. I am seeing someone now 🙂

5. Visited Borobodor

6. Visited Old Folk House in Seria Brunei

7. Double Promoted to Yellow 2 Belt from White Belt in Taekwando

8. Attended Autocad Class

9. Worked as a Part Time Lecturer in Diploma in Computing.

10. Shifted home twice due to Land Erosion

11. Went on a Hen’s Nite Trip to KK

12. Went through a tragic with my family

13. Can cook white fungus dessert now

Is a shamed I didn’t complete this post.. I have no idea wat I suppose to write.. Posted after 10 yrs









36 岁咯。。