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David & Wendy’s son

It was David’s and Wendy’s son Darius’s Full Moon Night. and I was there! I was there when david first met wendy, I was there on the 1st day when they started paktor, I was there when they got married (I was the bridesmaid).. and I was there for Darius Full Moon!

Message to Darius: “Be a good boy and earn lots of money for daddy, mummy. If got extra can always give Jie Jie SJ.”


Left to right: Mother Chloe, Mother Wendy, SJ, Mother to be Rachel.


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Used Condom??

This morning Esther gave me this little thing. And the first thing come to my mind is – Condom? take a closer look – used condom??

Hehe… Is a Bakua! A Cheese Bakua from KL.

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There are many castles in Japan, but i only selected 1 to visit, which claimed to be the most beautiful castle in Japan – Himeji Castle. Most of the castles in Japan were relocated and rebuild, but Himeji Castle is still at the original place. 600Yen to get in here.

This post is specially dedicated to Zhuyi, YuQian, Mr Hao, Mr Yang and Ken – because they didn’t get to get in here.

Was with Miss April from China, we were in a same room in Kyoto.

Memory Games – Princess Sen liked to play this using seashell. Her story is quite interesting!

Princess Sen’s 3478 days in Himeji Castle
Princess Sen, whose life was filled with both joy and tragedy, lived at Himeji Castle for ten years. It is said that Princess Sen was an intelligent, charming, flower-like princess. A romantic story is still told of her ten years in the Himeji Castle where Sen spent 3478 days, the happiest of her stormy life. She was the granddaughter of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Her father was the second Shogun Hidetada. Her mother was O-eyo, a famous beauty who was the daughter of O-ichi, Nobunaga’s little sister. Princess Sen inherited her mother’s intelligence and beauty. When she was seven, in 1603, she married Hideyori, a son of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. At the age of nineteen, in the battle of Fuyu-no-jin, during the Winter War, she escaped from the flames of Osaka Castle to beg for the lives of Hideyori and Yodo, her mother-in-law and aunt. She was saved by Sakazaki Dewa-no-kami. On her way back to Edo Castle, she had a fatal encounter with Honda Tadatoki, a son of the lord of Kuwana Castle, Honda Tadamasa.

At first sight, Sen fell in love with Tadatoki, a handsome and intelligent youth. Soon after, they were married. This is not an unusual story today, but in the days when marriages were often based on family connections and politics, it was very unusual that a couple’s single-minded passion resulted in marriage. After one year, Sen and Tadatoki moved into Himeji Castle when his father, Honda Tadamasa, was transferred to Himeji. Nishi-no -maru, the Western Enclosure, was built especially for them. Kesho-yagura, or Boudoir Turret, which still exists, was built for Sen. She would rest there while walking from her quarters to pray toward Tenman Shrine which could be seen in the distance from the castle. Musashino Palace, the young couple’s residence, was annexed later. The Hondas were responsible for developing Himeji into a more beautiful and elegant castle.

The couple is said to have been extremely harmonious, almost like well-matched dolls. After giving birth to two babies, Princess Katsu and Prince Kouchiyo, Princess Sen spent the best 10 years during her life at Himeji Castle. Her most touching memory was a moon-viewing party which was commemorated by a renga or linked poem celebrating the birth of her first son, Kouchiyo. The linked poems by the family members give us a glimpse into the happiness of the Honda family.

A sorrowful fate awaited her after these happy days. Sen’s first son met a premature death at the age of three and her husband passed away when she was only thirty years old, eleven years after her marriage. She went back to Edo with her daughter, Katsu, heartbroken whenever she recalled the good memories of her life at Himeji Castle. Sen became a nun and was called Tenju-in. She never remarried but lived for forty more years, remembering Tadatoki in her heart.


 <- complicated door

<- a sink

<- you know this guy? 不倒翁is designed according to his face. He is Damo from china.


 <- Samurai! got fake moustache also, so that they look more mature.

 <- fish tail at roof. Angela said she saw this in Ninja Anime.

<- View from 6th Floor

the small little holes at the walls are for guns.

The Voluntary Guide said Pierce Borshman shot a movie here.

 <- Well

 <- Okiku Well

 A maid named Okiku overheard a plot by a retainer to overthrow the lord. She informed the lord, who took steps to prevent the uprising. But the retainer found out that Okiku was the one who had ruined his plan.

The retainer removed a valuable dish, then accused Okiku of stealing it. On that charge, she was killed by being thrown in the well. For many years, castle residents then heard the wronged woman’s sobs coming up from the well, and heard she counting “one dish, 2 dish, 3 dish…. 9 dish” then stopped.

Snail praying at the highest floor of Himeji Castle – Its not easy to ring the bell.

View from Highest Floor of Himeji Castle!

Bottom line: Its so tiring to visit a castle! the steps are very steep, and the castle is huge!

I also saw this Hakone Castle, But didn’t get in, cos is too small and infamous. 400Y to get in


The Chubby kid was sitting on Yu Qian’s Lap! Hold it, Yu Qian! Left to right: Mr Yang, Zhuyi, Yu Qian, Ken. and Mr Hao was holding the camera!

There is a mini zoo here. Free admission.
<- Squirrel like monkey

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The Brunei’s Buddhist Association  of Brunei organized it’s first Sunday Kids’ Camp yesterday. I was appointed as the teacher for the 4-9 yrs old group. It was a good experience for me as i never teach in a class before. There was only 13 of them, but i felt so tired after the class.

I taught them about admiting mistakes, Forgiving, Tolerance and Group work via games, activities and story telling. I think i did a great job. 🙂 

mini-22072007828.jpgThe Class

mini-22072007831.jpg <- drawing time


mini-22072007836.jpg <- Let’s make mummy a sandwich

mini-22072007840.jpg<- hehe… dunno what their parents would think.
mini-22072007833.jpg<- Lunch time!

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One fine afternoon, I greeted one lady while i was walking out from the washroom with style. Then i didn’t see a step in front of me. So… u know what happened next. I fell onto an exhibition booth in the Ministry. You know what an exhibition booth is made of… WOOD! so i made a loud Ka Boommm.. Luckily that time was still lunch time, so only few ppl saw it. hehe..

Blueblack on Knee

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I hope this is not a boring post – Temples…. zzzzzzz…. I also think is so boring to see temples! Probably i’ve seen too many temples in life!

Sensoji Temple – Tokyo
The first temple i went is Sensoji Shrine, Asakusa- Tokyo. Is only 5 mins walk from my hostel.

Something funny Happened here, I was standing in one corner to find something special about this overcrowded temple. Suddenly got one uncle came to me.

Uncle: Are you travelling alone?
SJ: Yes
Uncle: Where are you from?
SJ: I’m from Brunei. How about you?
Uncle: I’m from Thailand.
SJ: When did you arrive?
Uncle: Today!
SJ: Really? Me too! I took Thaiway too.
Uncle: Yes! I was sitting beside you!
SJ: …. (then i remember his face liao… so paisei, he helped me to take my bag lagi :P) Oh yes!! I was sleeping on the plane, so i didn’t really see your face.

Ueno Park 
A very old shrine built in 1500+. Quite nice, gold plated. 200Yen to get in here.

Meiji Jingu (Tokyo)
Meiji Jingu is a v romantic shrine. Eventhough i went alone, but i still think its so romantic! I know Bill had his wedding there. and there is this big tree.

And i saw some romantic fellow wrote this:

For those who don’t understand Chinese: 4 Years ago, I made a wish for Everlasting under this tree. Today, I’m alone standing under the same tree and I can only wish her Happy Forever. *The rest in English*. Please allow me to let go and learn how to love again. It’s been 6 months, its time to have an ending. I still love you, 5 yrs no change, 100 years no change. ai… so sad. I wish i was there for him!! I guess there must be lots of romantic stories happened under this tree.

Meiji Jingu and my Backpacker look.

Kiyumizu Shrine- Kyoto
– Norminated as one of the New Wonders –

 <- complicated

<- where single can pray for soulmate.
<- It says, if you can blind folded and walk from one love stone to the other love stone without any obstacle.

<- Big Basin

Heian Shrine – 100 yr old

Fukiyama Shrine
remember this scene in Memoir of Geisha??

 me and Penny from Taiwan

Is a real Bird!!

Golden Pavillion- My Favorite Temple. Its very beautiful!!

Check out this Chick ^^

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Chapter 6: Japanese

Hokkaido’s Odori Park
Fun and Sweet Family outing at the park

<- i joined the picnic for a while
<- i wanted to ask her to take a picture of me, but due to miscommunication, she thought i want to take a picture of her. haha.. so she posed like this, and so i took her pic instead

Old Folks Tapao lots of food from Home
Was sleeping on the train to Biei, and woke up cos i smelled food. Wah… so much how to finish? why nvr offer me? 😦

Male Escorts @ Sapporo
These 2 male escorts with sophisticated hair showed me their price list. 1 hr about USD40. Not very expensive. but i don’t have money to eat also. Take umbrella lagi.

Cart Pulling Men – They wear short and tight pants, quite sexy. I forgot how much they charge for this service. Really pity them, as they pull the cart by running.

Asakusa Cart Men

Otaru (Hokkaido) Cart Men

Saw this while on my way to Tsukiji Fish Market. wonder if he got any life insurance.


School Girls
– Most of them wear really short and wear heavy make up.

Yoyogi Park, Tokyo – Sunday.
I went back to Tokyo on a Sunday just to see what people do here during weekend. I was there at 5pm, pretty late, but they didn’t disappoint me.

1st I saw a lot of harajuku girls

<- cool

Then I saw People partying in the park! – Foc – I didn’t joing as i was carrying big bags.

Then I saw free performance!

Well these japanese just want to show their talents, they do not ask for anything from you. I can see FREEDOM here!

Shibuya – Tokyo
I was here to see how crowded this place could be… and I saw this guy giving free hugs. He signaled me if i want his service. After a while, i saw girls went to him.

Kiyumizu Temple – Kyoto
Saw this man when i was trying to appreciate Kiyumizu Temple, one of the nominees of new 7 wonders. So manja one. hehe

Gion – Kyoto
It was 5pm, and a lot of people standing by with cameras for Super Stars?? No no.. is for Geisha! Geishas are really like superstars. They walk to the taxi once they get out from their house, and taxi driver already stood outside standing by. Geishas do not welcome camera, so we have to be quick

Hiroshima is probably famous for being one of the victims of atomic bomb. The attack was at 8 15am on 6 August 1945. They built a Atomic Bomb Museum here, and until now, these places are still full with cranes. Cranes Symbolize Peace! Japanese fold millions and millions of cranes to remember those poor victims.

Most Wanted People!
I saw these 3 faces everywhere in Japan, from North to South. And i saw this very cute notice in Nagasaki. hehe… with their actual height.

Hiphoppers at Osaka – Namba Jr Station
It was a Friday night, they do great moves!

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