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Restaurants in Taipei

We went to ximending of Taipei on the Second Day, and checked out some funny restaurants. 1 of them is Modern Toilet. I think is quite a popular topics in the world of Forward Emails.

So this is how the restaurant looks like


Chairs are all toilet bowls. real toilet bowls.
Modern Toilet 2

Food are all in toilet bowls too…

Modern Toilet 3

Then i went to this FishHome Cafe for tea, and the chairs are all in swings..



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Taiwan! After 14yrs

Yeap, the last time i went to taiwan was 14 yrs ago! It’s so nice to be here again! I was welcome by Yee Suan and Her Chi at the airport. After we picked up Steve, we went to this Famous Restaurant – 鼎泰丰Ding Tai Feng. The xiao lung pao is very famous, but i think all the food are nice! they have branches in Japan, US, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea and China.

Pictures: 1- Xiao Lung Pao, 2. HarKow (as juicy as xiao lung pao) 3. SiewMai (glutinuous rice in it) 4. Chicken Soup (Taste really good) 5. Special Cake (the taste is like… dunno how to explain, the feeling of eating is not very nice, but not bad also. Is hard to explain, is just not taste normal!)


Yee Suan wanted to bring me to Jazz Bar, but we can’t find the place, so we just walk around Taipei 101, and i spotted this Famouse French Fries Store, There are different type of toppins for the fries, then i decided to have the Fruits Fries..


Then a pub promoters offer us a free entrance ticket to Mint Club, which is right below 101, and its 70s night. All the waiters and waiteress dressed like the 70s, we saw michael jackson and elvis presley! Its nice place, and while drinking, i think my new shoes from One Utama KL looks really cute and nice.

new shoes

After clubbing, we went to ShiLing Night Market, it was about 1;30am, so most of the stores are closed. We manage to find a good store of ChouTouFu (Smelly Beancurd)! i miss it! and Herchi can really eat! So he is showing us that taiwan has this food which is made of starch which is quite similar to Brunei’s Ambuyat!

 Smelly Bean Curd<- smelly beancurd

Ambuyat lookalike<- ambuyat lookalike

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After a long day training, i met up with my ex apiit frens, Yenyi and Rosemary. Oh, rose brought her boyfriend out too. Yenyi decided to bring me to my favorite 5stars chicken rice near kaypoh road. But I nvr try the Wen Dong Chicken rice, so we decided to try tat, which is next to the 5 stars chicken rice. Nice Chicken!! then we went to this shopping mall and take some nice pics!

chicken rice

sj, yenyi, rosemary

Me and Yenyi went to Zouk after that. and there is this Pasta Wrestling, where ppl wrestling in a pool of pasta!! sot sot one, but quite funny. this picture was taken AFTER the wrestling, when they are cleaning up. THanks gals, i had a great nite!


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Arrived in SIngapore on Wednesday Nite for a training. There was a funny incident happened in the Brunei Airport. I was waiting to board at the boarding room, and realised there was a guy with a TechED 07 KL Bag. So I thought he should be attending the same training with me in Singapore, so i asked him. the conversation went like this:

SJ: Are you attending the Microsoft TechReady?

Stranger: Yes, I am.

SJ: Which company are you from?

Stranger: Dalplus

SJ: oh.. i know someone from Dalplus, his name is Jojo

Stranger: Yes I m the one. I was sitting beside you on Airasia when we go for TechED last week.

Ooops, oh yeah now everything come back to my head. I used to work with Jojo in a project 6 yrs ago in my previous company. Haha..

We staying at Ritz Carlton, the 6 stars hotel. Wanted to get a cab to the hotel, but the queue was very long. So we hop onto MRT, but went up to the wrong direction. And we finally reached Cityhall MRT, and asked 2 gals if Ritz Carlton is walking distance from here. they told us is walking distance, and they are going there too. So we tag along with them, and after a few minutes walk, we arrived at Carlton. mmmm… before i stepped in, i was thinking how come there is no “Ritz”. still we went in and the receptionist said there is no booking under my name. Ah… so holland.. then we took a cab to RITZ Carlton.

Is really a very nice hotel with stunning view of the Singapore RIver (or Bay). and the breakfast was great! with Fresh Fruit juice, Japanese food and even bah kuh teh. After eating, the waitress passed us the bill. Oooopsss.. our hotel doesn’t include breakfast!! and we have to pay $45 each. *Peng San*

After a day training, i Met up with my backpack inspiration – Siaw Zing. Didn’t see her for 4 yrs already, still glowing! zing and sj<- SJ & Zing

esther & hendry <- Esther & Hendry

Then we went to Aljunied MRT and met up with Yu Qian and Zu Yi, both are frens i met in my last Japan Trip. Zuyi, YuQian, SJ

We went to the popular Beef Horfun, then to the Yong Her Toh Jiang. Yummy…


After that we walked very far to tapao durian.. yum yum

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Yesterday & Today

Hey! finally i bought myself a new work bag! its Liz Claiborne from Isetan KLCC. Showed my bags to friends, Wendy said why i always like bags with lots of Logos? well, i don’t really like bags with logos, but big bags usually comes with logos. So its time to say bye bye to my old bag (check it out in my next garage sales!!) Esther said my new bag doesn’t look bigger than my old bag. I tot so too, but look!

New vs Old Bag

Elvin said my new slipper is so cute! i think so too! is only rm10 from taman desa Pasar Malam!


Is mooncake festival next week, let’s celebrate early as i won’t be in Brunei on that day. I brought this Kam Lun Tai mooncake that i got from Midvalley to the gathering. Before my camera phone response to take a shot, Jack can’t wait to take one piece of them. “Jack! your hand!”


A friend was testing his camera and accidentally took this shot of me! he printed out on a A3 paper and wah, i can’t recognise myself 😛 look like super auntie model!

sj in ms

This morning when i woke up, Notty still on bed. He asked me to pull the curtain up! I don’t want to spoil him, so i don’t take any action. then he cover his face with his hand. *Cute*

 Notty sleeping

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14th September 2007 – 10:30pm at Bilique Bistro @ Bangsar

Kenneth, Sj, Andy and Jason crashed into this quiet and Dodgy pub. It’s been years since we seen andy, and we started chatting and laffing, and Andy said everyone has to get drunk that night. We were there because andy’s group of matsalleh frens were there. They are all fun folks! hehe… We started dancing and singing once i kick started with my “How do i Live” by Trisha Yearwood. Everyone started to get crazy by then! and Teo came! after debugging the Jacky Cheong’s Concert’s Ticket Software.

Everytime i see Teo, It reminds me of the time when we do the YAM in Legend Hotel 7 Years ago. So I decided to do something to remind those who joined us about it. Yeah Guys, I m teaching Teo how to switch off the aircon using PDA! SJ Rocks!

Teo and SJ

After a few more songs, the guys sang “Ilhamku” Passionly. Check out the video below, Andy and Jason holding the Mic, and Kenneth dancing happily with a White Chick.


Later in the night, jason sang “lalalalong” with the “pushing” action! haha tat’s so entertaining! and I saw someone pushing him from behind too. Oopps…. After that, Jason was gone!! haha he went to the men’s to release! After all, everyone said it was a great night…

and Jason sent this to us: “once again..we break records by entering a DODGY pub and turn it upside down…and it is now labeled as ZOUK bangsar. “

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Dogs Day!

16 Sept – Taman Desa, KL

Wah! Just found out there is a garden in Taman Desa where dogs gather every weekend!! Coolie, nvr seen so many cute and adorable dogs together at the same time. When I arrived, I saw this lion lookalike dog! So cute! Can’t resist to take photos of him!

Dog Day1

Wah wah wah! More dogs ahead. Trainers were training the dogs and also the owners! Dogs are so cute!!! We saw different kind of dogs:  little dogs, big and heavy, short and long, Busy Body dogs.

Dog Day 2

And finally saw this little creature!! He posed for me to take his picture! Smart Boy! (Maybe is a gal) And he left a patch of saliva on my pants! Haha!

 Dog Day 3

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