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Bull Experience in Taipei

HerChi: “雪君,你对设么都有兴趣,我就知道你要去厕所餐厅,那你要骑牛吗?”

the next thing i knew, I was standing in front of this Bull ride in Shi Lin Night Market. I saw the bull moving vibrantly and people fell down from the Bull. Its only 50 taiwan dollar, okie, i decided to ride on it. You are allow to ride on this for 2 minutes, but i was flung down within 9secs. haha.. so i tried again and again, wah, this bull really very Keng!

after the  ride, i wasn’t feeling dizzy, but my legs really no strength liao, and can’t really walk properly for the whole day. And the funny thing is, this less than 2 minutes ride made my inner thigh muscles pained for 4-5 days!


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I’ve been working for Eprime for 3 years, I’m not the oldest employee there, but I saw lots of people in and out of here. Its Hari Raya Now, and what we do during this period of the year? – House visitings and eat and eat! Most of the Ex Eprimers are invited to big boss, Pengiran Suhaimi’s House –  Its one of the most amazing mansion i’ve been, there is a indoor swimming pool as well as a mini zoo with deers, swans and peacocks! I’m sure there are more to see in the house which I don’t get a chance to explore.

Oh yeah, after all, what i want to say is: it’s like a Eprimers’ Reunion tonite!

Eprime Reunion

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Kids = Laughters

I was in my auntie’s house on Saturday night, there wasn’t a second when the house got any quiet when a group of kids are together. Look! how much they enjoy!

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1997 vs 2007

I made a sudden decision to cut my long long hair when i stepped into this saloon in Kaohsiung Taiwan. I was thinking since I was cutting my hair in Taiwan, I should make sure it makes a big difference. This saloon is call Tods Saloon, is a very near saloon near Sogo Kaohsiung. After i cut my hair, I could see the 1997’s ME!! Then i came back to brunei and a lot of people commented : “Why you cut the old hair style?”  haha…  Then I took out my 1997 photo and compared. mmm.. my face is rounder now 😛 and “TIME WAIT FOR NO MAN”!!



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Road Accident

Today I saw a Road Accident along the highway from Jerudong to Bandar. It was a wagon crashed into the back of a big truck. The Truck basically looks fine to me, but the wagon is very bad and have to write it off. But was glad to see the driver and passenger are fine! Still standing there telling stories to the policemen. That reminds me of my accident 5 Months ago. My dad’s car just got repaired last month, and til now i still haven’t sit into the car, and i don even dare to look at the car. I feel so ashamed!

Went to Fitness Zone just now and attended Lawrence’s Step class. I am new to Fitness Zone, but i am not new to Lawrence. I used to attend her yoga class 5 years ago in another fitness studio. She is still as fit as before! I tried so hard to catch up with her pace!

Its been raining today in Brunei, heavy rain! Been using umbrella for the whole night. How’s the weather in KL? 🙂

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Finger Cancer

I started to have this cancer since 2005. It’s been 2 years and yet i can’t find a way to treat it. This is how my finger look like now.


It is reddish and swollen, sometimes it turns a bit purple. It got so itchy sometimes that i have to keep scratching it. This will last for about 2 – 3 days, then the redness will fade and skin starts peeling.

This comes once a month, 1 week before my mensus. But sometimes it doesn’t come. I went to see doctor before, and he told me i ate something which caused these allergies. But everytime it comes, i really don’t recall i ate anything special. and it only comes before or during my mensus. Michael Lee once told me “Don’t use your own fingers during mensus!” Haha.. i still laff about that ‘suggestion’ til now.

As this been going on for 2 yrs already, so even if the itchiness is gone and the skin finished peeling, my finger has a patch of dark shade. Its not pretty anymore.

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I don’t think I will continue blogging about my Japan Trip, although i wanted to write few more chapters, but i’m less excited about it now. So what i did is i summarized them into this 5 minutes clip. Enjoy!

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