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Snail the Wrappist

Occassionally, I’ll be hired as a Wrappist to wrap presents and so on. Sometimes I’ll have too many presents to wrap til i have to subcon it out. haha…

The recent assignment I had is to wrap a silver marker to look presentable for the His Majesty to sign on something on an occasion. Yeap.. is for His Majesty… but… at the end the signing part is cancelled due to some reason. So my pen is left untouched 😦


Mmmm.. since we are in the topic of wrapping gifts, i should also show you guys my other wrap work… see below is a hamper i wrap for a dear friend during Hari Raya 2007. I like it very much… 🙂



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Nihon jin desuka?

I was boarding Airasia from KL yesterday, and decided to get in from the back as seems like long queue from the front door. Saw a student like Boy holding a Japanese book, and think is time to brush up my Japanese again. So i sit down with him and started a chat with him.

“Nihon Jin Desuka?” – are you Japanese?

Haha.. then we started a chat in English. Cos my japanese is so basic, canot continue anymore from there!

He travelling m’sia, singapore, brunei, laos, thailand with a super slim bag! We talked a bit about Japan and i gave him travel tips in Brunei. Soon we landed in Brunei, i offered him to follow my car to Pusat Belia Youth Hostel. He came to see me in my office just now and i brought him to 13th floor to take a few good shots of Brunei.

Later he dropped me an email: “I like Brunei by the grace of you!”

Tat’s so sweet!! well, I always remember the couple who drove me to the Hot Spring Theme Park in Tokyo and a Lady who let me hop into a taxi with her to my hostel in Hokkaido for Free, the only english speaking doctor in Kyoto hospital who help me thru out the whole outpatient process and even escort me to the train station! and not forgeting Miss Fumie who approached me asked me if i was ok and brought me to the right station when i was sick. There was also a old aunty who offer me an volcanic egg. Now i m doing a favour to Thank all kind Japanese whom helped me in Japan!

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Never Miss any opportunities!! that’s my philosophy, which makes me a very busy person!

Our Buddhist Association’s leader wanna train me to be a MC for future activities. The first assignment he gave me is to be a Secondary MC for an old lady’s 80th Birthday Dinner in centerpoint! She invited 500 over ppl to attend! I knew is not to be easy, but well… this kind of opportunity is hard to get! so i agreed and check out this picture!


It ended up with some hiccups and a lot of times i do not know how to response. *First time is like that one*

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Visited the HSBC Charity Bazaar, and was amazed by all the creative games that they could think of. but among all the games, only one game that stopped me and made me take out my photo for a shot. 

It looks like an ordinary basketball game, but instead of using a bouncy ball, they use water balloon, and underneath the basket, there was this poor lady wearing some pointing tree sticks sitting with resting hands. You have to pay B$1 to get 3 balloons filled with water, and throw the balloons into the basket and burst on her pointing head. I saw kids who are too young to target on the basket, so they throw the balloons at the lady. I duno what’s the fun of this game!! To Torture this lady or to target the basket? Can you see the flying Pink Balloon??


 At night i attended Jason and Candy’s Wedding Dinner. Candy is my primary – secondary classmate, she is extraordinary Beautiful tonite! I always remember her being a creative and artistic artist.

Candy, Wendy & Me

I didn’t get to take a shot with the hubby, but at least we can see his picture behind us! hehe. Congratulations to Jason & Candy!

Bride Candy, Wendy & me

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刚刚从朋友家回来,一路上在想两个月怎能定终生? 新朋友-T, 她只认识了他两个月。





我问她: ‘你们这么快结婚,没什么问题吗?

她:’比较熟了 就没什么吵了’


English Version :-

I get to know a new friend – T, in a friend’s house. She married to a guy who just met for 2 months. While on the way home, I was thinking how can someone decide her destiny within 2 months. (Summary)

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