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还记得去年八月尾,我看到了这个装饰品,非常喜欢,站在那,看了好久好久。B$50-B$60, 不便宜哦。。 想了想,我买下来了。买给我老板当做结婚礼物。

这一年来,我都有回去看看其他不同款式的,我好喜欢,好希望有人会送给我。等等等。。。都没有。。 当然我也有点傻傻的,从来没告诉任何人我要这个。。。



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22-30 December 2007, My family joined a Tour Group to China. We visited Shanghai, SuZhou, Hang Zhou, WuXi, YangZhou and WuZen.

The last time i joined a tour group was 19 years ago, and i don’t wanna join any tour group again. We spent very little time in every spots, and its so hard to take a picture with people cleared. I also didn’t get to feel the atmosphere of the fantastic sceneries. I waited until most of the crowd left the area which i like, then i wanted to focus myself with the sceneries, but the tour guide keep pushing me not to leave the crowd. And they arranged all the meals for us until i wanted to puke on the last few days. But yet, we can’t leave the group to find food by our own. shopping also not enuf time 😦 As tour guides get commision from things we bought from certain shops, they kept bringing us to those places like Pearl Factory, Silk, Tea, Chysantenum, chinese herbal, jade, teapot, crystal and etc shops. We went to alot of nice places like the Pearl TV Tower of Shanghai but they brought us to few spots, then they don’t let us go to some spots and don’t let us explore ourselves.

I like to give people travel tips to places i been, but after this trip, i don have any tips to give 😦 cos i duno anything in china. But the good things are We don’t need to plan for the trip, don’t need to fill up the immigration forms, visited lots of places within short time, can leave things bought on bus.

At the end the tour guide quoted our group : “上车睡觉,下车尿尿,到了景点胡乱拍照,回家还是莫名其妙”。this is exactly how i feel now.

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Chinese who never been to China

Few years ago, I overheard this conversation. J- a Malaysian Indian, V – a Malaysian Chinese.

J: I am very excited to visit India Next week
V: You mean you never been to India?
J: Yes, this is my first time.
V: Huh?? How come you never been to India?
J: Have you been to China?
V: !!! no…

I am one of the chinese who never been to China, and I’m glad my family is going to Shanghai on this coming Saturday for 8 days. Other than Shanghai, we will be going to Nanking, SuZhou and Hang Zhou. the detail itinerary i am not sure yet, as we are going on packaged tour. I’ll be back 1 day b4 2008 🙂

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BSM Treasure Hunt winner wanna sell of their prize won! Anyone interested?

  • Business Class Airfare Ticket to Ho Chi Minh for 2 Persons by Royal Brunei Airlines (Economy ticket is already $550 Per person)
  • 3 Nights at 5 star Majestic Hotel Saigon USD 216 per night
  • Airport Transfer + Breakfast
  • Insurance, Taxes and Surcharges all included.
  • Full day tour (City Tour + Cu Chi Tunnel)
  • Valid til 17th December 2007

It is now offering at B$2000 only! No doubt is a good offer, The reason why i m not taking this offer is because I’m more into backpacker holiday now. Hurry up!

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18th December 2000 – Woke up early in the morning, dressed up, and hopped into my aunt’s car. Oh yeah! it was my first day working, and i still remember this very special day of my life. It was the 18th day since i got back from KL. I had no car and i couldn’t drive!

It was a rainy morning, and i saw a tall and slim guy holding an umbrella walking in the rain. I walked into the office and greeted my manager.  Not long after, the tall and slim guy walked in. “Oh.. he is my colleague~”, i thought. My manager soon called me and the slim guy into the meeting room for our Orientation.

Well, the tall and slim guy is Simon. Later we found out that we used be kindergarten classmates when i was in Chung Ching Seria. Wow… kindergarten classmates became colleagues.

Eventhough i worked in that company for only 3 months, but i m glad i was there and til now i still maintain close relationship with some of the colleagues I met there.

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My New Toy – Olympus 790 SW

I was thinking to get a new camera for my Shanghai trip yesterday… and i thought its too late to pick a model now. and… miracle happened today!

A business partner – Danny, flew in today from Singapore. He bought a Olympus 790 SW from the airport. So what does SW means? it means Shock and water proof! i can take pictures in water at 3m!  haha… clumsy ppl like me needs this kind of camera! So i bought from him, and he is fine with it as he can buy it later tonite when he reaches changi aiport later! Now i can take photos in the pool! great!

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Sites Sharing

Recently i came across with a 2 interesting websites and would like to share with all my blog readers.

1. www.freerice.com , by United Nations World Food Program
FreeRice has two goals: Provide English vocabulary to everyone for free and Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free. So you can donate rice while enriching your vocabulary!

2. www.reserveaspotinheaven.com Now you don need to worry if you will be going to heaven or hell, you can reserve a spot now via this website, just need to pay an affordable price! haha…

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