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It’s Capri’s birthday again!!! Let’s go Makan!! – Last friday 25 Jan 2008 (celebration postponed because of blacksnail not in town :P)

first, I received a call from chloe, “Where are we going tonite for Capri’s Bday?”  Blacksnail: ” Why are you asking me?” Chloe: “Capri told me to ask you where to eat” Blacksnail: “oh.. ok, i will think about it”

after a minute, a call from Steph, ” which restaurant are we going tonite?” Blacksnail: “why are you asking me?” Steph: “Cos Capri told me to do so” “mmmm…”

haha.. its funny that i have to make the final decision for Capri’s bday dinner, as Capri was buying us the dinner. Between Steamboat and Tandoor… we picked tandoor since we nvr been there!! and we went there that nite… Capri didn’t bring david to the dinner cos she would love to have gals talk! the conversation got a bit wild at the end~ haha…

I love the ambiance.. and waitresses and waiters are frenly. food is great too.. (anyway, northern indian food is always nice)

This place is so authentic + oriental, steph was trying hard to merge into that ambiance..

We had quite a few dishes, and this tandoor platter is nice, however there weren’t anything inside the prawns. Desserts -home made icecreams, i can’t remember the name of it… capri, what is it call? we concluded that the ice cream’s ingredient is very kao kao, tats why is not really melting.

3 pregnant women

Tandoor 4
at last, the bill was placed in this v nice metal box. Guys! look at the box, not her cleavage…


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“Let’s take our wedding photos in a photo studio!”

*stunted* “wedding photos? us? you and me?”

She left him since 2002.

“Well, we suppose to take this wedding album, but things didn’t work out, let’s take the wedding photos for remembrance!”

She is very touched and happy, “what should we do with the pictures? i can’t bring it with me after i get married”
“Just for remembrance, We look for a package which only has softcopy then we’ll put in a webspace”

BlackButterfly: This is so romantic!! they’ve broke up for 6 yrs, and yet this guy still loves and fantazises her (I guess so). Go Go Gal! do it! just do it!

Whitesnail: mmm… gal, but i think if you are going to do so, its not fair for your future husband. Wedding photos is one of the most romantic and happy things to do in your life time. You are suppose to have this very special moment with your life partner, not with your ex bf.

White Butterfly: Maybe after you took the photos, he will share the pictures around with frens and show ur future husband.. then you die die liao lor… nobody want you lor..

Gal: 自古多情空于恨。。。

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当你的脸孔 会出现在我的梦里,
当你的声音 会出现在我的耳际,
我才知道, 你已经住在心底.
我才惊觉, 我已经被你占据

当你的身影, 不再陪伴在我身边,
我才知道, 你已经是我最大的依恋

当我们小别的时候, 我痴痴等待
当我们吵架的时候, 我默默发呆
我才知道, 這種感覺就是愛。。


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As a Borneo-ian (people who lives in Borneo Island), I must do my part to introduce the fruit of our island – TARAP.

Tarap is a type of fruit, a bit similar to cempedak, but i think it taste so much better as cempedak’s taste is too heavy for me. It’s scientific name is Artocarpus odoratissima, which can only be found in Borneo Island. In fact this fruit comes once a year and a lot of borneio-ians thought this fruit is very common. I realised when i was studying in KL, I missed it so much and later on I verified with the Internet that it’s only found in Borneo Island.

Its Name: Tarap derived from a Malay word – Bald or Botak. (People normally call someone the “Tarap hair”, ermm… maybe the word tarap hair is from the fruit, i’m not sure… mmm..)

Its Looks & Feels: Tarap looks between rambutans and durians, It’s hairs length is as long as durian’s pointies, its density is like rambutan’s, but is harder than rambutans…

To Open: You do not need a knife to open it, when its ripe, you just need to peel the skin off.

To Eat: pluck the isi one by one, the seed is not too small to make you swallow it accidentally or purposely, its not too big and so you can accumulate the seeds before you spill it out. (i always accumulate up to 20 seeds in my mouth b4 i spill it out for show)

the Taste: is sweet, and very nice! I can finish the whole thing all by myself! Come to Borneo now, its the TARAP SEASON!!!



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The first place we visited in Hangzhou after Lunch was LingYing Temple, 灵隐寺, where there is a Flew in Mountain飞来峰。Ling Ying Temple (sounds like Lim Yeen’s temple) is one of the oldest temple in China, which used to be even bigger than Shaolin. There is a Mountain in this area named Flew in Mountain. According to the Crazy Monk (济公) legend, there was one great morning when the Crazy Monk knows there will be a mountain flying in from somewhere, and he told people in the village but no one believe him. So He thought of an idea, he snatched someone’s bride and ran out of the village. Everyone in the village ran after him and got out of the village. So as soon as all of them left the village, the mountain landed and destroyed the village. So after this happened, they started to crave statues of buddha all over this mountain to prevent this mountain from flying away again. Angela is posing with the resting place of the Crazy Monk. And this place is Really beautiful!


Next we went to 岳飞灵Yuefei’s Muzeum and tomb. Yuefei is famous for being the first tattoo man in China. His mum tattoo 尽忠报国”- “serve the country with the utmost loyalty” on his back in his teen. then he became a brave general who won a lot of wars. Howerver he died at age 39. Yue Fei was ordered to return twelve times in the form of twelve gold plaques. The Acting king knew that if Yue Fei won another war again could lead to internal strife. So they made him return and he was imprisoned and where Qin Hui 秦桧 eventually arranged for him to be executed on false charges. Not only yuefei was killed, his son YueYun was killed too. People Hate Qin Hui and wife so much that they made statues of them kneeing down in front of YueFei and Yue Yun’s Tombs. Later on they made YaoChaKuey which represent QInHui and wife.

27 Dec c

Dinner time, check this out!! Crocodile Feet! at B$77 only. haha.. wanna try?

27Dec b

The best part of the day was when we were at Sung Dynasty Theatre 宋城。Its very beautiful here with a long Sung Dynasty style street. And the show was very good and lively. Look at WenJiunn, he got so excited! During ths show there were a short fake rain to the audience and other amazing things they made to make us so into the show! but towards the end, there was a man sitting right behind us spitted on the floor…. -_-!! this place really worth a visit

27dec a


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Breakfast is the most important meal of the Day… I’m very particular on breakfast. Will always try to avoid fried food and nasi lemak.  For those who always find it hard to have time for breakfast, this is what i can recommend, YiLi Pure Milk / Low Fat High Calcium Milk with Koko Krunch!!

YiLi Milk is from cows which are bred in Inner Mongolia. As you all know Inner Mongolia is in Highland, thats mean the grass, air, water are all fresh and clean. Cows in this region are happy and less stress, hence the milk they produced is excellent!! Now YiLi is the official milk sponsor of Beijing Olympic 2008, all the Olympic Atheletics will be drinking this milk.

YiLi has been in Brunei since Last September. I’m glad that Brunei people can enjoy such a good quality Milk!! Will talk more about YiLi next time.

Koko Krunch has 10 essential vitamins & minerals including vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium and iron. I love it when its semi soft after soaking in Milk. Yummy. Feel like eating it now.


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The whole world knows about global warming, who really care about it? We see people joining different kind of group in Facebook regards to saving the earth. But how many of us practically do it? In order to save the world, there are 3 Rs to follow: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. Today this post is about Reduce – Reduce Waste.

Today, I started to keep one or two food container with spoon and chopstick with me. And all these while i have a Green Bag in my bag… What i did today and i wish to continue doing this is to bring these containers and put in my green bag to the restaurant and use it to tapao my food.

Waste are things that canot be recycle, so we should learn to reduce the amount of products we purchase which cannot be reused or recycled.


A little bit more details, I had vegetable mee soup today. If i didnt use my own containers today, I would had wasted a plastic bag for soup, a plastic spoon and folk, styrofoam box and a plastic bag to pack all these.

People always think we do not need to take any action because not most of the people care. But maybe by me alone taking actions, i can help to extend the life of the earth for at least 1 day!

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