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I started to wear glasses when I was 13 yrs old. Eversince, I changed glasses once every 2 years, but i haven’t really find one glasses that really makes me look good! Maybe it’s the shape of my face or my nose or something else. ha! i dunno! I met KH in England Optical Shop in Subang Jaya KL, 1998. He was a part time salesman there, and he was the one who sold me my new glasses. I also started to wear contact lens in 2004. My last glasses i bought is a ZeroX, designed by my favorite man – Louis Koo.

Those are the “fond” memories i have during the days of being a short sighted.

2007, i decided to perform Lasik Surgery. I went to a Lasik Seminar organized by a Malaysia’s Lasik company in Brunei. They tested my Cornea thickness and my eyes dryness, and acknowledged me that My eyes are suitable for a Lasik. The Cost of Lasik in that company is way too high, B$4000+ for 2 eyes, tats exclude hotel + airfare to KL. if i add all that up, it should cost me about B$5000.

After that I did research on other Lasik Companies in Malaysia, the cheapest one will be about B$3000. At last, someone introduced a Taiwan Lasik surgeon to me. This Lasik Surgeon is a Brunei Brought up Taiwanese. He got some family members in Brunei and he comes back to brunei once a year. Some Brunei Friends went to his Taiwan’s Clinic for Lasik Surgery, and i was told the results are perfect. and how much it cost? its only B$1200 for 2 eyes. The Technology they use is call Wavelight. I did a comparison between Wavelight and other technologies, i found a report about possibility of Wavelight can achieve better eyesight. And further confirmed via www.asklasikdocs.com.

Taking the airfare + hotel into consideration, its still cheaper to do it there!

I was in Singapore for a 3 days training sponsored by my employer. After the training, i took a Jetasia flight (Budget airline) to Taipei. After having fun there for 3 days, we took a bullet train to Kaohshiung, where the clinic is. As soon as we arrived, I did a eye test in the clinic, then the parents of the doctor are so nice, they offered us to have lunch with them. They are quite a wealthy family, and they cooked about 10 dishes for a normal lunch. After lunch, they sent us to check in to the tallest hotel in Kaohshiung with special rate as they are member of the hotel’s club.

After a short rest in the hotel, we then go back to the clinic for surgery. I have to wear a rope and wrap up my hair with u shower cap b4 entering the surgery theater. Before it was my turn, a guy walked out with watery eyes walked out from the theater.

As far as i remember, the procedure is as below:
1. Use something like a cotton bud to apply something to my eye. that suppose to make my eye numb.
2. I can then see a ring which then sat on my eye and it actually suck my eye up and keep my eyes open wide.
3. he used the cotton bud again.
4. I had to keep staring at a red light during the whole procedure.
5. I could then smell something burnt (this is when he sliced off my cornea)
6. He told me for a short moment, i will not be able to see anything. I was totally freaked out!! I could feel he lifted my cornea up, and its all black infront of me eye!
7. just within a few second, he put back the cornea, I can see the red light again.
8. He then apply something using the cotton bud again, then the next eye.

All and all, the surgery took about 20 mins. After the surgery, i felt minor pain in my eyes, and i felt so tortured as i didnt know what will happen to me the next day. can my eyes still see?? The nurse wrapped 2 lenses around my eyes. my eyes are not able to open, the minor pain was quite irritating. They offered us for dinner again, and i felt like so handicapped, i couldn’t see the food properly, and felt a bit dizzy, couldn’t wait to get back for a rest.

I definitely looked super funny with the mask he put on me!! Once got back to hotel, i just slept til the next day. After breakfast, quickly went back to the clinic to open up my mask! Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang!!! wah!! everything is so crystal clear!!! I was told not to put any makeup on my face and be extra careful while washing my hair to prevent shampoo to get into my eyes.

The feeling after lasik is like wearing contact lens 24 hrs a day. Few months after the surgery, I still always thought “Its real late now, is time to take out my contact lens!!”


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My Pain

Hey friends,

I’m back home and currently is on MC. I stayed at Ripas for 3 nights and then I changed my hotel.. oopss.. i mean hospital to JPMC. After i reached JPMC, i was thinking i should have admitted there on the very first day! its so nice!! It cost me $1000+ for 1 night stay and all the medical fees.. and Thanks god I have Medical Insurance. Seriously, I’m a very health concious person (in terms of food and workout, but not sleeping hours). And its really hard to tell what kind of ill we can get. So.. Insurance is very important.

Other than telling you guys not to worry about me, I also want to thank Mum cos she was not able to work for few days, thanks to angela for staying over with me at JPMC to babysit me- used the steambath on behalf of me, Relatives and friends who visited and sms me, Suan’s roses really cheered me up, BeeYi and Nung Yi family visits made the day shorter and thanks to Clif Own for sending me to Ripas and stayed all nite long til i got admitted, and visited me almost everyday..  Elvin – Rachel and I love your SiewMai very much. not forgetting Dr Tat and Dr Eddy for the special visit.

Lastly, i would like to share with you all the pictures of my stay in JPMC.

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Yeap, this stickered and dripping needled hand is my poor little hand.

It all started during a meeting at about 5pm on Friday. I felt bearable pain at my stomach area, and I thought I was having Gastric. Quickly, I cooked an Indomie for myself, but the pain didn’t go off and I can’t bear it anymore. My friend sent me to see a private clinic and I couldn’t walk straight. The private clinic doctor can’t diagnose my problem and wrote a refer letter to go to Ripas. That letter actually cost me $15, and I thought I can jump queue with that letter.

The pain was on and off.. When I arrived in Ripas, I still have to get myself registered, but I couldn’t stand up to grab the pen to fill up the form. No one actually come to help me and hence I have to wait til the pain goes off and rushed to the registration booth to register. I went through Xray, 2 blood Tests, 2 urine tests, 4 ultrasound tests and countless physical Abdominal check, still nothing is diagnosed yet. I was very reluctant to anything with needles. I rejected the doctor’s painkiller injection earlier and the dripping. At the end, I can’t stand my stomach pain any further and requested for the injection and anything they want to do on me. Dr Eddy, my temple friend was on shift that night and I’m glad he gave me extra attention.

One pain killer injection wasn’t good enough. I asked for another stronger injection after 4 hrs. The diagnostic went til 3;30am. I’m glad the nurses and doctors are all very nice, I thought Ripas nurses are always rude, but I think I was so wrong. During my sleep, I kept waking up because of the unbearable pain, I felt better when I sit up. So I sit up when the pain got unbearable, then lay down again. The night is horrible.

When I woke up the next morning, several doctors came in to press my stomach. Pressed a few times, didn’t say anything the left. Until a female Chinese doctor, so happened to be my mum’s friend’s daughter came in and said my appendix has to be removed and even discussed with me on where to cut and how long the scar will be. I signed the surgery agreement then went for another ultrasound. The ultrasound doctor said I don’t have appendix problem. Is so confusing but miracle-ly, the pain is gone after the ultrasound. The female Chinese doctor also very surprised. Dr Ah Tat finally came to see me, and he also think I am fine then, but still cannot eat and drink anything.  

I was then moved to Wad 7 from Wad 12, and slept for a while with the drip. I feel perfectly fine now except I am so hungry and thirsty. Everyone around me is happily enjoy their breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner. But the sign “Nil By Mouth” is stopping the caterer to drop me some food.  Some friends dropped by to visit me, its so nice and warm.

Til now, I still dunno what’s wrong with me. But I am looking forward for a Thien Thien Chicken Rice ssession. Ripas git wifi, not bad not bad..

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Go Go Cousins!!

Recently, I realised My 1st batch of cousins are all at their late teens, they’ve grown up a lot. Most of them are planning and pursuing to college and i’m so willing to advice them on career and life plan.

My poor cousin may not be studying oversea because she hasn’t been getting any support from family and friends. Family thinks she is naive and too dependant. Friends think she is not so academically “PERFECT” and hence shouldn’t be wasting time and parent’s money. Hope your parents and friend can read what i’m going to write here.

I wasn’t an independant kid when i was studying oversea. Over my 3 yrs of life in KL, i’ve been cheated, cheated ppl, i’ve been robbed, i’ve been sick, lost my ICs (2 ics), lost my money, food poisoned, slapped by bitch, fell into a drain and etc… so what? really, so what?? i’ve overcame all these, I stood up and am ready to face more challenges.

The lawyer in our family almost got retained when she was in the secondary. (Actually she supposed to be retained, but some how she appealed) I don’t think any of yours result is worst than hers… and see what she got today? (don’t sue me for leaking this out :D)

Sometimes, it is not about the money you going to spend, and the money you going to earn in future, is about the experience you going to gain and the person you were to become. You are dependant, but you will not become independant if you stay at where you are. Even if something really bad going to happen to you, (not as bad as death) its just part of your life, its all about the person you gonna be at the end, and always remember, you will never gonna be the most unfortunate person on earth.

I’m sure my mum never regret sending me out of Brunei!! My parents didn’t let me go at the very beginning, what it did was to write to the college and get the form all filled and asked Money from my mum.

Cousins, everyone of you should experience the non-Brunei life and life without your family. Go Go!!

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This morning when i was driving by the Sheraton’s Traffic Junction, I saw an old white couple wearing a sunglasses, wearing sandals, standing under the hot sun waiting for the Green Light. I could tell they were heading to the Brunei’s Old town. Eventhough they have to walk a long way under the hot sun, but they were both smiling happily.


Most people would think travelling is the happiest thing to do, I can always see tourists walking around my office building everyday. there are backpackers, old couple, a families, tour groups and so on. they really made me wanna travel again. they all look very happy, relax and full of excitement.

My working life is quite interesting: 3 jobs, ranges from corporate presentations to supermarket face to face sales, sitting in front of computer to delivering milk, meeting students to meeting the Minister, clerical to accounting to managerial works. Despite of my busy working life i still can manage to pick up Takwando and Gym classes everyday. But thats all I have in my daily life, Monday to Monday, 7am – 1am . I seldom meet up with frens, I seldom watch movies, I seldom shop, I seldom hanging out in cafes. this is what i chose, and i’m not complaining. it was until yesterday then i realised i miss having fun with frens, when my ex classmate asked me to go Kuala Lurah for drink and food this coming Saturday. My response was  “GOOD! GOOD! GOOD!!! I’m going!!”

There are friends who think i travel too often. Actually if i were to compare with some of my friends, I am consider in the “Seldom Travel Group”.  I’m writing this post to explain how i feel. I try to make myself travel once every 3 months – at least, I think i deserve it, and i love the feeling of boarding to an airplane after weeks of getting things done before the trip. its so rewarding! and please read this post: https://blacksnail.wordpress.com/2008/01/05/why-do-we-travel/

Good to know that Zing is heading to Borobudor this weekend, i wish you a happy holiday and Nirvana!!

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