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1。“Hi-Bye” 就是那些你知道他叫什么名,在那里工作,男友是谁,平时见面就只有一句,Hi, Bye, 有时可以加多一句“你在吃饭阿?”

2。普通朋友:有事才找他,没事就Send 一Send Email, send 一 send SMS。在朋友集会时会碰巧见到面,会互相灌酒, 互相报告对方最新动态。因为太久没说话,所以特别好聊,集会后,可能还会约好再见一次面。

3。Activities / Lunch Friends – 有些朋友,你知道他和你兴趣相同。要找人吃饭,或有什么TreasureHunt,爬山,旅行,要找个伴时,就会想到他们。

4。好朋友 – 他们也可以是你的Activities/ Lunch Friends。 但你会没事找他们出来闲聊,可以在电话讲一个小时以上。有机会,一有空,一定会找他们。

5。知己- 不一定会是你的Activities/ Lunch Friends,不一定要常见面,但你知道当你有天大的决定要做,当很烦,当很开心时,当你发现一个大秘密, 当你开始恋爱,当你和他吵架时,你最想第一时间和他分享的那个人。

童童和乐乐曾是同班同学,可说是Hi-Bye Friend 的程度。毕业前,他们提升到普通朋友的阶段。两地分隔了几年,童童不知从何起,已把乐乐当成知己。什么事都在Msn里告诉他。。。 童童自己也忘了曾告诉他什么。乐乐喜欢收集童童的照片,童童很欣赏自己的照片,非常乐意的寄照片给他收集。就这样,乐乐很了解童童, 也有很多她的照片。就这样,过了很多很多年。。。 to be continued…


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  It all happened on Beruang’s 21st Birthday. He invited me to his Birthday Dinner at a Chinese Restaurant at SS17, KL. As a student, I tried not to take taxi most of the time to save money. I can’t remember how i got to Bangsar, but i can only remember I planned to take a Putra bus to Damansara from there to meet up with Illion that evening. I had a Touch-n-go card with me which i could use it for the Putra Bus, but i decided to take out 50cent from my wallet to pay for the bus.

It was about 6:30pm and i was waiting for the bus at this Jalan at the Residential Area of Bangsar. After a short while, a young Malay man joined me at the bus stop. He asked me about the bus schedule with his trembling voice. I replied him with my poor Malay. I realised he kept looking at my upper body and i didn’t feel comfortable and turned my head to the left. Then I realised there was a guy looking at us on a motorbike. At that Moment, I realised something wasn’t right. The next second, when i was about to hold my bag tight, the trembling Guy stood up and snatched my Bag!

I was still holding tight to my bag, we then started to tug of war for a short while and the next thing i knew i fell on to the road. I didn’t scream or did anything, i was just looking at them and they looking at me, and left. A boy came from the back and asked me “What happened?!” then i started to cry and told him “I was robbed!” Another car then stopped and it was a chinese family. I didn’t tell them exactly what happened, and i was still panic and in shock! My knees, elbows were badly cut. They brought me home and cleaned up my wounds. *Actually now i am thinking, how come i followed them home?? haha..*

My Handphone (Sony Ericson 768-grey), IC, wallet and touch-n-go card are gone! and i was still holding on to my 50 cents. I couldn’t remember my house’s phone no and Angela’s no. and tried to think hard, I could remember Illion’s no. So i called him for help. We then called Angela to get her to deactivate my credit card and phone. Made police report and I still ended up in Beruang’s Birthday Dinner with all knees and elbows bandage up! I still remember i was wearing my favorite mini skirt with my favorite turtleneck sleeveless shirt.

Not forgeting to mentioned I lost another bag that year before this robbery case. It happened Before I had a Project meeting with Beruang! Friendship Forever Beruang!!!

  I took revenge on him when he Visited Brunei few years back. I brought him him to Hospital for Blood Donation before bringing him to Dinner. At the end he felt dizzy and the donation went half way. haha 😀

My Picture Below is From Beruang’s camera – 2003 :O i looked so young!

Happy 29th Birthday!

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My Bedmate

To Notty,

Its been 8 months since we’ve been sleeping together. 

You are always in my arms every night and I want to tell you today that I feel really comfortable with you around. Although you are small built, but your arms are long enuf to go around my neck to comfort me when i feel depressed or sad. I appreciate your attentiveness and I’m glad you are always there for me, hugging me to sleep.

I guess most of the time you don’t feel comfortable with me hugging you to sleep. I Know it because you normally slip out of my arms in the middle of the night.  Sorry, but please bear with me. We travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Taiwan, Limbang, Lawas together. I still wanna apologize that I couldn’t bring you to China and **** because i worry I will lose u. *really* Angela even suggested to bring u to sleep with me in hospital, but i thought you might get infected 🙂

Today Angela brought a new friend for you, Otty. I guess you 2 are distant cousins, you 2 look quite alike. However Otty doesn’t have a tail like yours.

We met 2 new online friends through my blog, its Shedar and Candy Bear. They are both from the same clinic where you were born, however we haven’t heard their latest updates yet so far.

Its amazing the bond that we’ve created between us, especially with a person like me who never have a hugging soft toy on my bed. After we met, i understand why little gals like to bring her bear everywhere. Your Mischievous smile cheers me up. Your short arms warmt my heart and Thank you for being there for me.

 The Day We Met

From Mummy Snail

As requested by Drifting Clouds… here are some of Notty’s photos..

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十年,说长不长, 说短不短。 在分手后的八年来,我经历了很多很多, 我也变了很多很多。

十年前的我,很怕说英文,很怕说广东话,很斯文,不运动,不化妆,每天不是穿紧身衣,就是露肚装,要不就是短裙,但脚上却是一双运动鞋, 被着的是个背包。Kenny Roger,KFC 和 McD 是所谓的山珍海味。 那就是你认识的我。

十年前的你,驾着一辆Kancil, 也常穿紧身衣,带着有点歪歪的眼镜. Gym是你第2个家,Satria是你的Dream Car, 徐偌宣是你的Dream Girl, Milo粉要半杯才够,MaggieMee要加好多好多的配料才可以吃。


今天是她为你点3支腊烛, 吹的人应该是你和你那3岁的小小宝贝吧?


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我最近很常听这首歌,但我又不太明白歌词的某一段在讲什么。 来,各位部落各兄弟姐妹,来考考你的理解程度。

歌曲名 宇恒 – 依然是朋友 – 宇恒

作词:宇恒 作曲:宇恒
在那间 我们常去的咖啡店
才知道 有些感受
可是你 你怎么说
oh~ 我一样难过
才知道 有些感受
不再哭 不再难过


可是你 你怎么说
oh~ 我一样难过


这里的‘你’是在指她伤心的那位朋友,还是很他分手的旧男友 ?

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Bum a Pen 股挟笔

Dear readers,

Please follow the following instruction tonight.

1. Bring a Pen to bathroom
2. Stand up straight naked.
3. Place the pen Horizontally underneath your Bumbum..
4. Let your hand go.

A. ur pen on the floor now
B. ur pen is still underneath your bumbum

If result is A, Congratulations!! your Bumbum is still firm!
if result is B, Try jumping, is ur pen still there? hehe.. Jump again.. is it still there? haha.. what’s the result is, here is some tips that for you all to get your Ass firm up again!!!

Jogging or running with legs raised up high can help firming up your ass, but if you are not so keen you can try the below basic ways.

The basic things we should pay attention to is the way we wash our bum during shower, because this could be the only time you touch your bum in a day. Now think of how you soap your bum, do u soap it down or soap it up. The way you soap your bum should be from your bottom of ur bum to the upper part of your bum. This exercise won’t help much, but it does help.

Soap your Butt

Another simple and easy exercise is to swing one of your legs up backward. After 20 swings then change the other leg.

The last tip for this post also  firms up your legs and stomach as well, – do this before bed.
1. ly on your back on the floor with legs slightly open
2. Raise up your butt up as high as possible.
3. Squeeze your stomach and Butt for 3 secs and let go
4. Repeat at least 10 times

Nice butt day!

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Thanks for loving me :)

Back in Year 2002, I received an overseas call. Its ^^!

“I’m taking a Bus now in Singapore. A gal just got into the bus and she smells like u!! She reminds me of you and that’s why I’m calling you”

That’s the sweetest phone call I ever received from a Friend, yes a Friend, just a friend.

“You can remember how I smell??” “Yes, you smell the same every morning when I picked you up during college”

I can’t remember when we became good friends. But I remember I use to ring you everytime when I need someone to talk to. When things got worse, you will be right there at my living room or you will bring me to Pasar Malam to release! I really appreciated that, really.

2 years back, I was invited to your wedding. Trust me, I was about to book the air ticket that day, and you told me your wedding day moved to another day which I couldn’t attend. There was one night when I lodged at your place, and I watched your wedding video, and I told myself “how could I miss this important day of yours?”

“Who do you wanna meet for breakfast tomorrow? M, S or LC?”, KY asked. I thought for a while and replied, “I think I wanna meet ^^ for breakfast”.  We don’t talk about secrets and personal life as much as we used to do but I know I can talk to you if I really need to bug you again.

“I always love you , but you must promise me to love yourself and not to torture yourself unnecessarily. Love you and Bye~~” 


“Thanks for loving me J and I love you too” 

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