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Refering to my life list’s Item No 46 – To be a Singer.

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I used to wish i can be a singer, not because I think I’m good in singing, but I think its so cool to hold my very own concert and can invite Louis Koo to be the Special Guest! haha.. Well, Joining the RTB Mandarin Singing Contest won’t bring me to what i wish… but at least I know I’m trying to achieve one of the Item in My Life List. (learned from the lesson of giving up to be an air stewardess…)

After the 1st round, our songs are available online for Internet users to listen, vote and give comments. The voting doesn’t affect the results, its just for the fun of it. I enjoy reading comments dropped by friends and other net users. Although not all comments are positive, but its still constructive. I do reply to their comments and i felt like I’m replying emails to my fans 😛 (Wild imagination)

They’ve started to announce the result since the 15th June through Radio Pilihan Brunei. They play 3 songs a day, and announce one contestant got into Top 20 and the other 2 to be eliminated. I’ve been waiting for the results everyday, and got so nervous. Yesterday, I forgot to listen to the result, i was 8 minutes late when i remembered. I quickly phone Suan (no. 48), and she said is Jamy’s song now (no. 56). I got so excited and i Ran to my car to listen (my office has no radio). On my way, i got an sms from my mum, “Jamy is really good, I hope the next one is not you.” When i got into my car, his song just finished.. then the dj said “It was Jamy’s “Who do you love?”, so Who does Jamy love? is it “Sagua”? I was like “Oh Shit! how can they play our songs together? Is either I’m in or he is in.” I really wish they didn’t announce our songs at the same time, I wish i can get in, but i don’t wish jamy is out. Really…. this is how i feel, if not i wouldn’t be so excited for him to rush to my car to listen for him.

Yes… I got into the Top 20 list of the contest! After the result is announced, there were a lot of sms and msn messages came in.. then only i realised a lot of ppl are listening to it. My dad did what he had promised, Bernice gave me a congratulations card.. Its so sweet.

I’m really happy about it.. and since i’ve got in, i will try my best for the Round 2 – 13th July 2008. I will need to choose another song and also perform a talent on stage. I am thinking to sing “笨蛋” by 金莎.  any suggestions? For the Talent to perform, I’m thinking Body Combat or Hiphop. I don’t wanna do Sexy Belly dance or anything to do with SEXY. I prefer to give an impression that i’m active and cheerful 🙂 any Suggestions?

Bottom Line: For contestants who can’t enter the semi final, is not that you are not good enough, but its all depend on the judges. Try again next year, other judges probably would like your performance 🙂


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今天下午,我和表舅一起到Seria的新小贩中心吃干捞面。 我选择了“两兄弟”摊的面。 看到这非常熟悉的兵乓小孩汤匙,顿时我想起了童年的一些回忆。。。

很久很久以前,每当离开Seria前,爸爸总会把车停在旧小贩中心, 两兄弟的档口前叫外卖。 不必下车,一个手势,档口胡子叔叔就会马上开始准备了。 偶尔,我们也有机会在档口那吃。汤匙,小浆盘都有兵乓小孩在上面。 其实面已够咸了,但还是要倒酱油再兵乓小孩浆盘里才开始吃。

还记得更小的时候,我在外公家哭着要吃面, 哭得在房里不出来见人。 后来真的有面了,有人请我出去吃。我看到面干干的,就吵着说:“我要水面!!”P/S:水面= 汤面。 三舅马上说:” 好,我现在去打包汤.” 我又冲回房间躲起来。数分钟后,又有人叫我出去了。。 我出到去,真的有一个铁罐子的汤。 我就吃了起来。。。 其实几年后,我想回头,那汤一定是三舅自己煮的,他特地把汤倒进铁罐子里,弄得像打包一样来哄我。

Seria的旧小贩中心已被拆毁了数年。 它已不存在了,童年的回忆只能从这汤匙里寻觅。。。寻寻觅觅。。。

P/S: 这回忆, 突然另我觉得其实三舅增经蛮疼我的,明天要送他几包牛奶才行!!

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Blacksnail decided to travel North India in Mid September 2008 for 9 Days (20 Sept – 28 Sept). She is looking for 2-3 friends to go along.

Role & Responsibilities
Travel Type:
Budget, Hard Core Backpacking

Udaipur, New Delhi, Agra, Rishikesh, Varanasi, Bikaner

Mode of Travel:
Walk, Train, Tuk Tuk, Rickshaws, Elephant, Camel

Hostel and Guest House

Mas (KL – Delhi – KL) – RM2200
Estimated Budget Exclude Air Ticket – S$500-S$800

Language: English, Hindi (Optional)
Owns a Backpack
Backpacking experience (Optional)
Physically Fit
Have Travel Insurance
Accept Indian Food & Vegetables
Willing to ask for directions
Willing to Wake up early

What you will see:

Taj Mahal – Agra

Udaipur Lake and Castle

Udaipur Lake and Castle




Holy city of Varanasi

Attend Yoga class at the Yoga City – Rishikesh and along the River of Ganges



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在中学时代,敏敏常在周会里和在朋友群中听到一位学妹的名字 – “林颖”。“林颖”这名字,带一点雌性,也带一点隐隐约约的美。。 感觉很简单。。。 简单里, 仿佛还有很多看不到的含义,例如:脱颖而出, 颖悟绝人,颖悟绝伦。 好听。。 好听。。。 其实头脑简单的敏敏也没有去推测这名字的含义,她只觉得很好听,她好喜欢这个名字。和这位学妹并没有太多的接触,但知道她的人和她的名字满合适的。

敏敏经过几次失败的恋爱,终于她遇上了他- 他就是她的真命天子!!


敏敏:“当然要结咯。。 要不肚子里的孩子怎么办?”







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Yo! Yo! Yo!

The Website is available online now!! you can click on the contestants to listen to our songs!! and Vote me if u think is nice! hehe


It was the 8th of June, the first round of the Mandarin SInging Competition (organized by Radio TV Brunei and E-Huawang.com). We gathered at the 24hrs cafe of Bandar and Me and suan were craving for Nasi Katok, but to prevent our throats get itchy, we decided to skip that. We arrived at RTB at 6:30pm. We met a few friends there as well and we were all like “I come here to accompany my friend. :P” The Afternoon session wasn’t done yet, and hence it delayed the Night Session’s recording.

At the Registration booth, we have to fil up a form which asked us funny questions like what’s ur favorite country, favorite food, and what will you do if you win and etc.. after that its the briefing. I got really nervous + worry + excited after the briefing! I think is the way he briefed.. then we wait and wait, and i was really worry!

if this guy in pink would had sit straight, you can see my face liao..

Check out how Jamy and the Cousin warming up.. later me and suan also warming up in this corridor.

The recording room was very cold, there were a few contestants and friends sitting at the back, A Big microphone hanging down from the ceiling. we were given about 30secs for trial, and the real recording begun. I enjoyed the moment to sing in that environment, but there were 2 parts of the song which i wasn’t manage to voice out! :”) After all, I was so relieved that it’s over! Jamy did very well. I think Jamy and Xiao Xia can get into top 20. I’m feeling great, and i’m glad that I joined and I enjoyed every moment of it. I will always remember the week, when all of us practise together, and how we encouraged each other. And XiaoXia just got married the day before this.

The result will be availble online and on radio from 15th June on wards, they will announce one contestant a day.

We went to Nasi Katok right after that, We were so hungry and desperate for nasi katok. Yummy!!

Meanwhile, my family was having fun in Seria for the RIce Dumpling Day. I’m not sure about Singapore and Malaysia, But in Brunei, you can see people throwing Rice Dumpling to the Sea at Seria’s Beach only. I miss doing that! I duno when is the next Rice Dumpling day which will fall on a Sunday. I remember the last time i did that was like mmm 10++ years ago!

and i don’t understand why all my little cousins suddenly look so tall!!

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Recently, I wrote this letter to everyone in the company

Dear Eprimers,


The government has recently organised the Energy Saving Week. It was a meaningful event and I think we should still practise Energy Saving in our Daily Life. I’m writing this email to all of you because I realised a lot of Electrical Energy is wasted in our Company unnecessary.


I’m trying to complete this email fast, so i might sound a bit unfriendly. Below are a few points which you all can pay attention to:


1. Attendance PC- the monitor should be switch off during non Login Hour, example 9am – 12pm, nobody login and out during that time and 2pm – 4:30pm, the Last person who leave the office, should switch the monitor off too.


2. Lunch Time – Aircon & Light should be turned off when everyone is out for lunch. Especially Friday!


3. Breaktime – When you guys are taking short break, you should at least switch off the Lights.


4. Toilets – i realised the lights are always on even if Day time, i duno why, but i don’t think you all need so much light to do your business inside.


5. Staff Room at 13th Floor – I think the aircon should be turned off during class hour.


It would be great if anyone can give more suggestion!! Its not about the Money company has to spend on the electricity bill (i’m not from account dept anyway), its for the environment and for our kids’ future!

Thank you!





Esjay – Energy Saving Consultant (new role)


After that i received an email from my CEO and he appointed me as the Director of Energy Saving Department.

and today, when i walked out of my room during lunch time, I was in SHOCK!!

My colleagues are so well responded! Thank you!!


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There are times when i did something and i didn’t know why i did tat. There are times when I didn’t do something and i am still thinking why i didn’t do that. I’m in my late 20s and recently i’ve been doing things that i normally don’t do. and today, i’m going to announce to all my blog readers that I’m joining the Pilihan FM’s Mandarin Singing Contest 汶莱星秀大赛!!!  星not新!

Honestly, my singing skill is up to the Karaoke standard but not up to a contest standard. Had a deep thought about it and managed to force Jamy and Yeesuan to join too! I persuaded them by telling them that if they don’t do it now, when can they join again? wait til 乐龄?Life in Brunei is boring, so we should create some Tide in our life, else.. our life will be just like tat……………………………………………….

Before I submited the form, it took me almost a week to choose the right song for the 1st round. It wasn’t an easy task, because i can’t find a song which i can sing well all the way with challengeable pitch. I thought of giving up, but i refer back to the Blacksnail’s Life List, one of them is actually to be a Singer. Well, of cos i don’t expect I will become a Pop Star, but at least, i know i tried to achieve it.

Occassionaly, Yeesuan will ask herself “Why am i joining this contest? 为什么我要参加歌唱比赛?”  We have to be prepared to be criticise by people. We might not be singing well, but our courage should be appreciated. Let’s form a pop group if we can’t get thru the 1st round, I’ve already thought of the Group’s name: XYZ. Its derived from SJ + YeeSuan + Jamy = SYJ and it sounds like XYZ!

08/06/08 – is the 1st Round! Gambateh XYZ!!!



Summary of the Singing Contest:

Age: 16-34 (星秀,not新秀)
Round 1: 8 June 2008 – Recording in Studio, no need to go on stage *Phew*
Round 2: 20 contestants will be selected and result will be announce at E-Huawang.com
Round 3: shorlist 8 Contestants

Messages Received from Friends:

Tea: Wish you all the best and always remember to relax. Sagua can do anything one! Jia You!

Ken: Wish you good luck in your contest!

Bernice: Good Luck to you on your singing competition!

Dad: If you pass this time you will have $100 from me

Cliffod: All the Best!

Wendy: Wish u Ol ol the best!

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