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我可以错了再错… It’s really unbelievable that I can make so much mistakes in 4 hours…

It was on 24th August (last sunday), when I was one of the two Emcees for the 2008 Asean Chinese Singing Contest’s Brunei Finalists Contest. This is not the first time I was an Emcee, and i’ve been an Emcee for a bigger crowd.. this is also not the first time i talk on stage, and i still cannot believe why one person can make so much mistakes in a 4 hours show.

Should I blame on the organizer? Should i blame on my bad reading skill? Should i blame on my Partner? can i blame on anyone?

I rehearsed for the opening of the singing contest, i think i did it very well. but my mistakes started after i started to read names… There are so many minor mistakes that i made and i just can’t remember them.

During announcement of Sponsors: I know it is very important to mention the right name for all the sponsors, they wrote me the sponsors’ names. WROTE. 

Mistake #1: Surname 方 (Fang), I read 王 (Wang)
Mistake #2: someone’s name is 珍(Zhen), I read 玲 (Ling)

Its not too obvious if my partner didn’t correct me on the stage, and won’t be too obvious if these 2 names are not popular people in Brunei.

The Singing Contest Begun:

Mistake #3: The name of the Contestant #2 song is 说句心里话,As the contestant changed his song last minute, someone wrote on my paper 说句”话”心里话. So i read 说句话.. and paused for a while before i can think about the right name of the song.

Mistake #4: Contestant #5 is a lady, and i said “Thank you to 许先生 (Mr Xu)”. (Snail snail, obviously she is a LADY!)

Actually the above mentioned mistakes are the more obvious one, there are minor mistakes like i didn’t pronouce properly. During the break, Wendy asked me why i keep making mistakes, but she encouraged me that if i stop making mistakes from that point onwards, people will not remember the mistakes i made. But the mistakes getting bigger and bigger… During the Souvenirs Presentation ceremony…

Mistake #5: First was the judges who received souvenirs, followed by Emcees, then i didn’t see the souvenirs for the “Performers”, I already thanked the person who was giving away the prize and told her to get back to her seat, then my partner corrected me about Performers’ souvenirs.

Mistake #6: at that point of time i was really embarassed and didn’t feel like talking anymore. It was then then time to present souvenirs to the SPonsors. I changed a VIP Sponsor’s surname from 黎 (Lee) to 赖 (Lai).

Mistake #7: there were several sponsors, and the list was on my Partner’s hand. I asked him without the Mic if “this is the last one”. He answered “Yes”, and as soon as “My Last One” left the stage, i thanked the souvenir presenter again. Then my partner Corrected me again that there is another “Last one”.

Mistake #8: I felt terrible at that time and turned around and walked into the back of the stage. This is the worst thing i had done, i shouldn’t had went into the back of the stage because i felt embarrassed. GOSH!!

Mistake #9: So the Presentation Ceremony is over, and I came out again and Inviting one of the Male Judge to sing. I invited him first because his name was first on the list. but he pointed at the Female Judge. This is not my mistake, but everyone would think is mine because my partner knew is the Female Judge to sing first and i didn’t know.

Mistake #10: the Female judge sang for long long time and when she was done, she said She passing back the Mic to the Emcees. The results was on my hand so i went up and announced that I will be announcing the result. Then my Partner corrected me again that the Male Judge is the next to sing. I was blanked liao, and i asked the Judge using my Mic “Are you going to sing?”

I made too much mistakes til i didn’t want to stand in the middle of the stage.. i prefer to stand in the dark..

You guys won’t believe how depressed i was after this… no no… i wish it didn’t happen…

This singing contest contestants are all Age 30 and above. Out of my expectation, they can really sing.. even though they don’t normally dress nicely, but when they sing… My Gosh.. Check out the below, some of the contestants who didn’t win during the rehearsal



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My New Tattoos

Tattoo is a kind of art…

it symbolizes Freedom…

it symbolizes Youth…

It can tell stories…

It can make someone look Elegant..
wild… stylish…

If it wasn’t designed properly, it can make the person look disgusting.. thats why i said is an Art…

I got my first Tattoo in Singapore Few years back.. to me, it symbolizes Freedom~ ~ I’ve been thinking about my 2nd tattoo for quite sometimes.. I’ve been thinking about the design, where to place it, and where to do it.. and i finally did mine 2nd & 3rd tattoos yesterday with the most stylish design… i don’t think i will regret 🙂

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Anyone wanna join the Lantern Making Competition organised by the Chinese Community for the Moon Cake Festival on the 14th September 2008?

It was 1994 when i first joined the Lantern making Competition. I wanted to make a Traditional Round Lantern like this type

At the end the shape didn’t went rough enough, then with creativity, I made it a Hot Air Balloon Lantern..

As years went by, I joined the contest under the Student category twice using My sister’s name. There was one year when we wanted to make Something… can’t remember what was it, but at the end it didn’t went well, and we changed it to an Aquarium Lantern. Basically we made a Box and we sticked fishes on the boxes…

Another year we planned to make the head of Doraemon, at the end we failed, the shape didn’t look anything like Doraemon and  we changed it to a BIG Bowl of Ice Cream with a Waffle on it….

I planned to join again this year, the prize will be a small angpow if we won, but i think this is not about winning, is about maintaining this Beautiful Chinese Culture…  

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Give VS Take

I believe that there are people who were born to “Give” and some were born to “Take”

The person who “Gives”:

  • Work hard for others (e.g. a person who rest very little and give the best to the family)
  • They know they are the one who gives, they do nag to themself about how much they sacrified but yet they are still giving.
  • Care for others: they tried to make others feelings and health are in good condition.

The Person who “Takes”:-

  • They still work but spend most of them on themselves
  • They know they are the one who receives, they feel bad for the person who gives, but they don’t do much about it.
  • Care for others, but they won’t take much action.

There are times when i thought I’m the person who was born to “Take”, because most of the people around me treats me well. They did more for me than what i did for them. They do feel that they gave me a lot, but they are “My Givers”, They either don’t take what i gave or they gave more than i gave..

I have “My Receivers” too… I gave and i expect them to appreciate what i gave and hoping for a return… but they don’t because they have “other Receivers” … that’s why it can be a pain to “Give” … mmm.. actually i’m a bit confused with what i’d just written…

Should i be a giver? or a Receiver? Will i be happier to Receive or to Give? Should my partner be the person who “Gives” or “Takes”?

p/s: i really have a lot of these kind of Kanasai’s photos.. sorry if it disgusted you! haha..

Added after reading other’s comments: I feel really happy when giving, but as soon i realised i gave too much to my receiver and didn’t give much to my Giver, i will feel the pain for my Giver… Sorry to all my Givers, I might not had react appropriately when receiving!

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Definitions of Freedom

Freedom is…

  Cook anywhere you want 
  Cook Whatever you want
  Play any games you want with any rules you can think of
  revealing any part of your body you want..*e.g. BIG BOOBS*
  Eat whenever you want
   Pose however you want
   Throw at anyone
  Ride at whatever speed
  Do anything to your fren
   Hamsap anyone
  Express yourself anyhow you want

Be Whoever you want, even be a Sailormoon


 Conclusion: To Get Freedom, all you need to do is to Drive to a BEACH!!!

P/s: It was 30 July, Tat’s Bday,  the theme of the day was Orange + Pink. That’s why we were all in pink and orange..

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