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Sept - Oct 2008
The Itinerary


the planned Itinerary
the planned Itinerary

26th Sept 11am Depart from B.S.B (10hrs)

27th Sept
  • 2am Arrive at Auckland
  • Camp at Airport
  • 6:50am – 9am Auckland – Christchurch – Dunedin
  • Speight Brewery Museum, Otago University, Otago Peninsula, Larnarch Castle 
 28th Sept
  • Bus from Dunedin – Otherua (A- B)
  • Bike from Otherua – Clyde 63km (B-C)
  • Bus from Clyde – Queenstown (C-D)

29th Sept

  • Bus to Remarkables Peak
  • Snow Ski Lessons

30th Sept

  • Gondola and Luge Ride @ Queenstown Skylines
  • Drive to Te Anau 170km (D-G)

1st Oct

  • Drive to Milford Sound  122km (G-F)
  • Cruise at Milford Sound
  • Drive back to Te Anau 122km (F-G)

2nd Oct

  • Drive to Arrowtown 192km (G-H)
  • Drive to Wanaka 95KM (H – I)

3rd Oct

  • Wanaka – Mt Cook – Lake Takepo 198km (I – J)

4th Oct

  • Lake Takepo – Metheven  174km (J-K)
  • Metheven – Christchurch 123km (K-L)

5th Oct

  • Christchurch

6th Oct

  • Christchurch – Auckland (L-M)

7th Oct 4am

  • Auckland – Bandar Seri Begawan

Trip Organizer and Planner: Snail
Food Manager: Suan
Car Driver: Goh & Mike
Petrol Manager: Mike
Entrance Fee & Car Rental Manager: Goh
Accountant: Chian
Consultant: Yeen


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I went to KL last week to bring my younger sister to her University. Her  University of Nottingham (Malaysia Branch) is located in Semenyih, a very remote area of Selangor.

When we entered the university, there was a huge ponds with ducks. the Campus is huge and there are several buildings with vending machines, elevators, and of cos the students. My mum said that this place looks like the campus of University of Exeter where my elder sister used to study.

At that point of time, Ouch… i felt a pinch in my heart… something is missing in my life.. i don’t have any University Campus life..

I was in Inti college Subang Jaya, where the place was like another Secondary School…  i heard they renovated the place and its very different now.. I can’t find any picture of the Old Inti College in Subang Jaya.

I then moved to Apiit, where the institute was in one of the building at Damansara Height. Apiit was occupied few floors from 9th floor onwards, taking lift to classes in formal business attire made me feel very executive at that time.
No lakes, no grass fields, no trees, We have to take picture in this commercial office Building

Although we had to wear formal business attire, but it still can’t stop us students from being a student. Coco you rock! 

I talked to Kokwei, Jason and Kenneth about how i felt, they all felt the same as me. Jason told me that at least a lot of companies prefer Apiit students. *really?? sure or not??*

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Just a quick post on Brunei’s Mooncake Festival..

Remember i mentioned about joining the lantern making contest? i didn’t join at the end, i went to check out the lanterns that day. wow.. they are getting better and better.. see below:

The Kungfu Panda is bigger than my sister, check out the cute Fuwa

They also invited chinese opera from China to perform for 15 days in the Chinese Temple, more photos covered by Anakbrunei.org.

At the other side of Brunei, Seria the Oiltown, traditional celebration still taking place..

Mooncake eating, Tea Drinking, Peanuts munching, firecrackers, praying and the lantern parade. As usual, we walked with our lantern along the street! These lanterns are reused many many times since many many years ago. It was from my Late Grandfather’s stall one.

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We brought you to us, We brought you here.

We introduced you to them and they Introduced you to others.

They needed you, they were looking for you.. yes, they were looking for you.

We were happy for whom you had became after a year…

But now, We can’t have you anymore, Sorry, you have to leave us now..

its not your fault, its not our fault, its not my fault…

… End of The chapter …

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4th September 2008 – Brunei’s Hokkien Assocation

We went to the Pre Mooncake Festival Celebration at the Hokkien Association of Brunei. I’m not Hokkien by the way, my mum is, my late Grandpa joined this association and My family automatically became a member. Sounds better than multilevel Marketing kind of Membership scheme right?

We were served with Free Sungkai Buffet then follow by a series of games:

Activity 1: Children Coloring Contest – my brother and my little cousins joined. Although none of them win, but they each got a participation prize and they are all very happy. My bro didn’t know how a mooncake looks like..

Activity 2 – Riddle 灯谜

this is a very traditional games to play on mooncake festival back in China. There are several lanterns hanging up with a Riddle (no answer) written on it. there were altogether 10 Riddles, My Family got 4 riddles correct! and the prize is $10 for each riddle.


hokkien association, brunei
hokkien association, brunei


 Activity 3 – Chinese Caligraphy by Lawyer Yu

Honestly, i have the urge to pick up chinese caligraphy again after i saw his work.

Activity 4 – Mooncake Pictures Puzzle Game

This Puzzle game is quite an interesting one, the puzzle is a big square boxes with 2 pictures on each box. it is not an easy games as all the mooncake looks the same. Only 4 groups can participate in this activity. Round 1: My Aunt Bee and cousin Brian in 1 group and won the first round. Round 2: my sister and cousin Jiayng won the 2nd round. Round 3: 2 winners from the previous round gonna compete. At first i was busy taking photos, but at the end i got too excited and started to scream and guide them to win.

My sister’s gorup won at the end and got $40, my aunt’s group got $20.

Activity 5: Mooncake eating contest

My aunt told me last year the competitors ate really slow, so i tot i might have a chance to win, so i joined the contest. who knows my uncle who can really eat joined also. *_*  Its really not easy to swallow the mooncake especially when it’s not cut. my twin aunts joined too. Aunt Bee started eating later because she had problem opening the plastic bag. she was the 4th to finish the mooncake, so i suppose she could get 3rd prize if she opened it earlier. and My Uncle in Red Won the 1st prize. This is my first time eating one whole piece of mooncake without cutting.

Dr Tat, if you are reading this, pls join next year so you can win for your dad.

Activity 6: Kids Game – Superheros

About 30 kids joined this game, and they were all lined up at the stage. the Emcee will switch between superman, spiderman, ultraman and batman. those who didnt posed it properly will be eliminated. seriously this is not easy, I tried it at home. oh and my bros and cousins didn’t win again 😛

Overall, i enjoyed the night and thank you to the organizers!

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Once again, I would like to say “I LOVE the FASTING MONTH of BRUNEI!!!”

You got good deals everywhere for good food. I went to Takara Japanese Restaurant for the Sungkai Buffet (Eat all you can), and this is what they got… 

Tempura (Prawn), Teriyaki, Tepanyaki, Salmon Sashimi (fresh and big), variety of Maki, Japanese Curry Chicken, Chicken Dumpling, Soba, desserts (Fruits, Fruit salad, Malay Kuih, Puddings) and etc etc.. at only B$12.80. Yes… only B$12.80, S$12.80, USD 9 and RM 25. no tax, no service charge. Obviously i’m doing a free advertisement for them, cos they really made me very happy 😀

p/s only rose syrup and plain water is provided with the Buffet. you goto pay your own green tea.

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First of all, Happy Berpuasa to all my Muslim Friends..

The Fasting month is also better known as the month to Get Fat! Bruneians, you know what i mean. There are Sungkai buffets everywhere throughout the month, the variety is crazily a lot and the price you paying is low.

Some Wonderful People came out with a list of Sahur and Sungkai Buffet, check it out:

Khaz Corner
No. 4, Ground Floor, Rimba Complex,
Kg Rimba, Jalan Tungku Link.Sungkai Promo:
$5 (adult), $3 (child)
Reservations: 2426600 / 2670600

I-Lotus Restaurant
Kampong Rimba,
Tungku Link.Ramadhan Specials:
Sungkai: $16.80 (adult) Sahur Steamboat: $11.80 (adult)

Reservations: 2422466 / 2440171

Atrium Cafe
The Empire Hotel & Country Club
Jalan Jerudong.Sungkai Buffet:
$28 Nett (adult), 50% off (children).

Reservations: 2418888 
Li Gong
The Empire Hotel & Country Club
Jalan Jerudong.

Sahur Dim Sum Buffet:
$18 Nett (adult), 50% off (children).

Reservations: 2418888 

Manjaro Restaurant
B1, Shakirin Complex, Simpang 88,
Kampong Kiulap

Sungkai Eat All You Can:
$12.90 per person (Eat all You Can)

Reservations: 223 6493 
Villa Mauri
Simpang 369, Jalan Muara,
Kampong Sungai Tilong.

Sungkai Eat All You Can:
$20 (adult), $12.90 (child)

Reservations: 2335585 

Mills Banquet Hall
Holiday Lodge Hotel,

Sungkai Buffet:
$18 (adult), $9 (child)

Reservations: 2611618 / 8631259 / 8782691

Misato Japanese Restaurant
Kampong Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan.

Sungkai Buffet:
$12.90 (adult), $8.90 (child).

Reservations: 2450182

Nice Delight Cafeteria
Simpang 588,
Jalan Tutong.

Sungkai Buffet:
$6.90 (adult), $3.90 (child).

Reservations: 265322 / 2650525

Goldiana Cafe & Lounge
Orchid Garden Hotel,
Kampong Anggerek Desa.

Sungkai Buffet:
$20.80 Nett(adult), $13.80 Nett (child).

Reservations: 2335544

Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar
Unit 2, 3 & 4A, Block B Spg 593-3,
Kampong Beribi.

Sungkai Buffet:
$11.90 (adult), $6.90 (child).

Reservations: 2653886

Polo Restaurant
Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club,
Jerudong Park.

Sungkai Buffet:
$20 (adult), $10 (child).

Reservations: 2612500

Pondok Sari Wangi
Komplex Abdul Razak, Gadong, and
XYA Building, Sengkurong branches.

Sungkai Buffet:
$11 (adult), $5 (child).

Reservations: 2445043 (Gadong), 2661893 (Sengkurong)

Raudhati Restaurant
Ground Floor A5, Seri Purnama Complex,
Kampong Kiulap.

Sungkai Buffet:
$5.99 (adult), $3.99 (child).

Reservations: 2231907

RBC Express Fast Food
Airport, Kiulap, Sungai Tilong,
and Tutong Branches.

Sungkai Set Meals:
$5.80 Nett, including Dates, and Air Selasih and Pudding.

Delivery: 2337777 (Sg Tilong) 2237253 (Kiulap)

Rizqun Coffee House
Rizqun International Hotel,
The Mall, Gadong

Sungkai Buffet:
Sungkai: $21 (adult) $11 (child)

Reservations: 2423000 Ext 7811

RMS Diner
Yong Siong Hai Building,

Ramadhan Special:
50% off Burgers and Steak

Reservations: 2423555 / 2452555

Unit 8 and 9, Ground Floor, Seri Qlap Complex,
Kampong Kiulap

Sungkai Promo:
$22 (adult), $10 (child)

Reservations: 2235888

Seafood Paradise
A2, Ground Floor, Seri Purnama Complex,
Kampong Kiulap

Sungkai Buffet:
Seafood Buffet: $12.80

Reservations: 2231788 / 8788934 / 8830189

Seasons Restaurant
The Centrepoint,
Jalan Gadong

Sahur/Sungkai Buffet:
Sungkai: $21 (adult), Sahur Dim Sum: $18.50 (adult)

Reservations: 2422291/2/3

Seri Anjung Restaurant & Catering
Plaza Abdul Razak, Jln Laksamana, Batu 1,
Jalan Tutong.

Sahur/Sungkai Buffet:
Sungkai: $9.80 (adult), $4.50 (child)

Reservations: 2222776 / 8989766

Seri Kiantan Restaurant
No. 5 & 6, Bangunan Menglait I,
Jalan Gadong.

Sungkai Buffet:
$6.80 (adult)

Reservations: 2444848 / 8664040

Serikandi Cafe & Restaurant
Lot 4004, Jalan Setia DiRaja,
Kuala Belait KA1189.

Sungkai Buffet:
$9 (adult), $4 (child), [For 5 persons, 6th person is free].

Reservations: 3332862 / 8118860

Takara Restaurant
Brunei International Airport,

Sungkai Buffet:
$12.80 (adult), $8.80 (child), FREE (under 6 years).

Reservations: 2450180

The Airport Restaurant
Brunei International Airport,

Sungkai Buffet:
$25 Nett (adult), $17.50 Nett (child).

Reservations: 2339207 / 2331853

 KTM Thai Seafood Restaurant
Unit 1 & 2, Simpang 632,
Jalan Jerudong.

Sungkai Promo:
$8 (adult), $5 (child)

Reservations: 2619140, 8875530

La Mee Restaurant
Block B Delima Square, and
Block C Complex Abd Razak branches.

Sungkai Buffet:
$6 (adult), $3.50 (child).

Reservations: 2430113 (Gadong), 2340112 (Delima)

Mawar Coffee Garden
Brunei Hotel, No.95,
Jalan Pemancha, BS8811

Sungkai Buffet:
$9.90 (adult), $5.50 (child).

Reservations: 2242372/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 Ext 25/26

Millennium Restaurant
Block C, Scouts Centre,
Jalan Beribi, Gadong.

Sungkai Promo:
$18 (adult), $11 (child).

Reservations: 2424168

 Fratini’s Restaurant
Yayasan, Sg Tilong, Kuala Belait,
and Centrepoint branches.

Sungkai Promo:
50% promotion for Ramadhan Specials.

Reservations: 2451200 / 2451300

Fun Wok Hong Kong Restaurant
Kiulap Plaza Hotel,

Ramadhan Specials:
Sungkai: $16 (adult), $10 (child), Sahur: $11 (adult)

Reservations: 2232397

Rut Cha, Thai Food at Mall

$11.9 (adult) Tel: 8903437
Aiana Restaurant
Jalan Melabau, Kampong Serusop
(formerly at Simpang 94, Kampong Delima

Sungkai Buffet:
$6 Nett (adult), $4 Nett (child)

Reservations: 8884122 / 8724540

All-Star Sports Cafe
Holiday Lodge Hotel,

Sungkai Buffet:
$10.90 (adult)

Reservations: 2611618 / 8631259 / 8782691

Amanah Harith Restaurant
No. 683, Simpang 681,
Jalan Jerudong

Sungkai Buffet:
25 Food Items – $6.90 (adult), $4 (child)

Reservations: 8750292 / 2612140

Vanda Chinese Restaurant
Orchid Garden Hotel,
Kampong Anggerek Desa.

Sahur Buffet:
Dim Sum $15.80 Nett(adult), $7.80 Nett (child).

Reservations: 2335544

Dynasty Restaurant
The Centrepoint,
Jalan Gadong.

Sahur: $18.50 (adult), Sungkai Set Menu: $188 (table)

Reservations: 2430185/6

Emperor’s Court
Hua Ho Manggis Mall,
Jalan Muara.

Sungkai Buffet:
$25 (adult), $17.50 (child).

Reservations: 2332880/1

Andaman Restaurant
Unit 1A, Bangunan Hj Nasar 3, Spg 593-5,
Beribi, Gadong BE1118.

Sungkai Buffet:
$11 (adult), $6 (child)

Reservations: 2653355

Cheezbox Cafe Restaurant
The Mall, Gadong.

Ramadhan Specials:
Sungkai: $18.80 (adult), $10.80 (child), Sahur: $11.80 (adult), $7.80 (child)

Reservations: 2425506

Coffee Zone
Kiulap & Gadong Branches.

Ramadhan Specials:
Sungkai (Gdg): $9.90 (adult) $5 (child), Sahur (Gdg & Klp): 20% off Ala Carte

Reservations: 2239333 (Kiulap), 2423333 (Gadong)

Ayamku Restaurant
All Branches.
Combo Meals:
$3.90, $6.90, $8.90 & $8.90

Reservations: –
Cafe Au Lait
L1/3, Ground Floor, Seri Q-Lap Mall,
Kampong Kiulap.

Sungkai Buffet:
$12 (adult), $8 (child)

Reservations: 2231901

Charcoal BBQ & Grill
Le Gallery Suites Hotel,
Batu Satu, Jalan Tutong.

Sungkai Buffet:
Skewer Buffet $29.90 Nett (adult), $1 per child year (child)

Reservations: 2221171

Aneka Rasa Restaurant & Catering
Block A, No. 17 & 18, Ground & 1st Floor,
Bangunan Begawan Pehin Dato Hj Md Yusof, Kg Kiulap.

Sungkai Buffet ‘Selera Kampung’:
$10.90 (adult), $5 (child)

Reservations: 2234999 / 2235999

Arthini Cafe & Catering (Nasi Kandar)
No1 & 2, Bangunan Assyirah, Spg 11, Jalan Haji Halus,
Kg Perpindahan Bunut.

Sungkai Buffet:
$12 (adult), $6 (child)

Reservations: 2652699

Asma Hotel Restaurant
Jalan Pertanian Luahan,

Sungkai Buffet:
$13 (adult), $8 (child)

Reservations: 2612218

Jalan Pasar Baharu,

Sungkai Buffet:
$19.90 (adult)

Reservations: 2450182

TT Blues Cafe
No. 12, Yong Siong Hai Building,
Jalan Gadong

Sungkai Buffet:
$8.88 (adult), $6.88 (child).

Reservations: 2424527


Secondly, I just realise i had only 5 posts for the month August! Sorry for that.

Thirdly, Regards to the post i mentioned about the Lantern Competition, I might have to give up on that. “MIGHT”, i will try to do it this weekend. For those who are interested, just submit your lantern latest on that dady.

The mooncake festival is just around the corner and you can see mooncakes everywhere in Brunei. The Chinese Temple  (only Chinese temple in Brunei) has set the Tent Up for the Chinese Opera Show and Lantern Contest. They invited Opera Group from China to perform here for 2 weeks from 14 September. Everyone, includes non- buddhist can watch the Opera Show for Free.

The Brunei Chinese Temple with Tent Setup ready for the Opera Show and Lantern Contest

* Tonight at the Hokkian Association, Kiulap, there will be Mooncake eating contest and coloring contest. *

I’m currently busy accomplishing few of the things to do in my life list, i should be able to accomplish 1 by end of this month ^_^

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