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Home Sweet Home

While everyone were busy house visiting during chinese new year, our family and neighbours were observing our homes closely… It was raining cats and dogs every day since december 2008 in Brunei.

Our house’s water pipe bursted and we got Mr Plumber to fix it. the next day it bursted again.. We started to see the Back of our house went up abit.. I’ve never seen anything like this before.. the water went underneath the ground and caused the soil to expand.

4th Feb 2009

4th Feb 2009

Broken Manhole

Broken Manhole

Our neighbour’s house is even worst. The Retaining wall of their house was about 5 Feet away, but it was only 1 feet away, and as for now, it touching and pushing the house. Fire and Rescue came and evacuated their house.

I started to worry, I couldn’t sleep at night.. I heard some loud bang in my dreams and i woke up several times tat night. The next day i woke up i saw part of the drain started to crack..



I started to pack, but my dad said it was not time to move yet, he wanted us to wait and see first.. I took pictures of our rooms..


It was on the 7th Feb Morning, I slept in my parents room as i didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in my own room, my room was nearest to my neighbour’s house. My dad woke everyone up and said the neighbour’s house going to collapse, he carried my sleeping brother to the car and left the house. I had my bags ready and carried them to my car and left not too long after. 
I took a picture of our neighbour house before i left.


After i left, my mum said the neighbour’s glass door burst out.. she left, and when we went back there later.. this is what happened..


4 days after I took the first picture, this is what happened..



And within a short time, the Fire and Rescue department decorated my house with this. How considerate, it was Chinese New Year, and we like “ang ang”..


Bye home sweet home ~


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