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Last Sunday, It was the AFC Talentime again.. Remember we won the Traditional dance category last year? Click here

This year’s theme is Bollywood, we shared the 1st prize with another team. Check out the Video, not bad for a 3 weeks preparation huh?!


The Sapphire Team

The Sapphire Team


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Although I’m not a big fan of King of Pop – Michael Jackson, but i feel sad for his departure.

Being a 80s baby, we grew up with his Mtvs. Michael Jackson is the 1st Artist from the Western Countries I knew. I remember when i was in Primary 2, my friends gave me some flash cards of his.

In 1996, We heard that Michael Jackson might perform in Brunei during His Majesty’s 50th Birthday. and Entrance fee is Free of charge, yes Free of charge. Yeen, she is a big fan of MJ, she was pondering if she should go to KL for holiday or stay back. But she decided to go to KL because the concert wasn’t confirm yet.

The concert confirmed few days before the concert. My mum wasn’t too agree to let me go, but i insisted. It was kind of cloudy on the concert day, and my mum brought a sunshade to school for me, she said i can use it as shelter from the rain.

There were too many people, so i stood quite far away. although i can only see one small blink blink object going around the stage, but i enjoyed the concert very much! and definitely Bruneians are very lucky, how many people on earth get to see Michael Jackson for free?? 

Man with Sidebun = Elvis Presley, Gril with Curly Hair and a mole on the lips = Marilyn Monroe. Curly long hair man with sun glasses = Michael Jackson, the icon we will always recognise.. The man who taught us to unite, who taught us to care, the man who entertains us.. Gone forever but will always be remembered.

After watching the MJ’s Memorial Service, me and honey both felt the pinch.. in fact i felt the pinch on the very first day, and honey finally felt the pinch after watching the Memorial Service.  We love you Michael.. Rest in Peace…

One of my Favorite Mj’s Videos.

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