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Last Wednesday Honey came back from a tiring hike at Tasek Lama. He tried the new route to Eagle’s Nest (Bukit Sarang Helang) and he was exhausted after he went to the peak and went down to the valley again. Just out of curiosity I asked him why everybody call it the Eagle’s Nest?

Because there really is a Eagle’s Nest on top of the Peak!

Out of Curiosity again, i decided to follow Honey and CL there on last saturday. The route started from the small little path behind the Tasek Lama’s Reservoir.. the route is quite steep and the weather was so hot!! CL went very fast after the first 10minutes i couldn’t see her anymore. Honey has to slow down to make sure I was still following.

After 30minutes walk, Honey pointed at the other side of the hill, “See! that’s the eagle’s nest!”

Eagle's Nest from far

 -_-” Sweat! After taking this shot, i continue the hike. I know if i look at it longer, i will turn back. After more ups and downs.. I reached there in 15 minutes time! I thought it gonna take me another 30 minutes.. this is the Eagle’s Nest, a huge nest! Its a dormant nest , and it looks like it has been there since long long time ago.

Brunei's Eagle Nest Peak

Brunei's Eagle Nest Peak



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