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It was back in Dec 2007, when me and family visited Shanghai. I was browsing through his website and found out he will be in Shanghai during my visit!

I was sooo excited about it. But my schedule didn’t allow me to go to the place to meet him, and the tour group was leaving to Su Zhou on that day. I didn’t persist, and hence i missed the chance.  😦

But as long as u have the heart, you can still achieve wat u want! wahaha.. and It happened Last December when we had another family trip to Hong Kong. I insisted not to follow tour this time, booked ticket, booked hotel and was about to leave Brunei. I didn’t have too much hope on this, but once again checked his Schedule, and there were only one event during my trip, so i know i can’t miss this chance anymore..

I went to Google Map to check on the location, omg..

Prat Avenue to K11So near to my hotel? definitely i can find my way easily and conveniently!!On the 20th December 2009, while my family were having fun in Ocean Park, I left them at about 3:45 to see what i want to see.. took a bus, took Mtr, and I reached K11 at 4:20, 10 minutes before the Opening Ceremony. A tall and Young security in charge was standing near the entrance to the the Yamano Saloon. I asked him what time it will start and where the toilet is, he answered me politely. After toilet, i waited near the entrance to wait for Louis Koo. A lot of media were there waiting already, there are also other actresses there. There was a guy who was holding a pen with a lot of Louis Koo's DVDs. So pro! i didn't even have a proper thing for him to sign..The crowds

I waited for 30mins, and everyone started to cheer. Oh my, he finally came in from the emergency exit, he look just as charming as what I saw on TV.. A lot of ppl screamed for his name, some holding the electronic board with his name on it. But being the first timer, i don’t dare to scream for his attention, i was just enjoying my view quietly 😛

Detail News: http://bbs.sg169.com/user/script/forum/view.asp?article_id=24792336

After 30mins, he was about to leave, he saying goodbye to the rest. I asked the Security IC if I can take a photo with him, he said i should ask him and he can help me to hold the camera. The guy with the Dvds asked him for autograph again before he left. I quickly walked to him and asked him if i can take a picture with him. He nodded his head, i was like “kill me!”, he then looked at me, and our eyes crossed finally, but i couldn’t look into his eyes any longer, *Blushing*. then we took a picture, the priceless picture!

Snail and Louis Koo

Before he left, i gave him a RBA’s pen, which i got from the plane *oops*, and told him i am from Brunei. I was so happy after that and called my sister who were leaving Ocean Park that time. she said “Congratulations!”… -_-”

As soon as i get back to hotel, i started to show my picture on facebook and i realised actually there are a lot of Louis Koo Fans out there! wahaha.. don’t get too envy k!

Mission Accomplished!! Life List checked!


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