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It was rainining heavily in the morning! we felt so lucky that it didn’t rain the day before. We had breakfast at the guesthouse’s cafe. and the auntie finally got “BUSINESS”. I still enjoy the excellent view of the river and mountain! I wish i could stay for another day!

The Journey to Luang Prabang begun at 9am and we arrived at Luang Prabang at 4:30pm. THe journey was so long and i had real car sick. It wasn’t as bad as i thought, swallowed some ginger pills, I could hold my puke through out the whole journey by keeping my eyes closed. But during the short break, i forced myself to puke a little. Sitting beside me was a thai guy who works in phuket and was there for a short holiday. There were few times he fell asleep and knocked his head against the window. I wanted to laugh out loud, but i worry i will puke if i open my eyes. Sitting behind us were 3 Spanish gals, sitting in front of us were 2 filipino gals. The road is quite windy and very dangerous! Most of the time i was thinking wat if accident happened and we fell into the cliff. During the 1st Toilet Break (2hrs), it was Open AIr toilet too, and there was a car sick Mat Salleh laid down on the road. Today I manage to remember “Hong Nam U Sai?” – where is the toilet?  and “Kop Cai Lai Lai” – Thank you very much.

Got a tuk tuk and we checked into VanVisa Guest house with 20000kip. Vanvisa guest house is a very authentic look guesthouse. the room and the door is so special and u really feel like u lives in a lao house. Auntie Vandara is a very nice lady who speak good english and have a frenly and broad smile.

A little bit more about Vanvisa Guesthouse:

I read about Vanvisa Guesthouse after my stay, and i realised the old aunty who always sitting at the corner watching us is a Luang Prabang Royalty. Her name is Lady Bua. Lady Bua and Auntie Vandara is the co author of Food & Travel Laos. Lady Bua was also one of the Chef for the Royalty. If i’ve read this earlier, i would had bought the book and get autographs from them and take a picture with both Lady Bua and Auntie Vanvisa.
Lady Bua’s picture
About the Book

We walked about 5 mins to reach the busy street of luang prabang, where the night market is. We climbed up to Mount Phousi (sounds like Pussy) hehe.. and visited the Wat Phousi. The climb was a bit tiring, few hundred steps up. 20000kip for the visit. We were there for the sun set. And guess wat!! I met the Japanese uncle who encouraged me to do the river swing the day before. Once i saw him, i told him “I did it I did it!!”

the Sunset was good but a bit under expectation. and also met a few thai photographers up there who were waiting for the sunset. exploring in Wat Phousi is interesting too. It was the first time we exploring a Wat in Laos, and their buddha statues are quite unique- standing up with 2 hands facing the front, and everywhere u see white, black, gold snakes . there are 2 spots in Wat Phousi where there are imprints of Buddha Foot.

the night market is interesting, is so long and big. Most of the vendors are the Hmong People (Natives from the mountain), they took tuk tuk from their village. At about 10pm, u see them packing up quickly cos they have to catch the tuk tuk back home. The goods there are selling are mostly tshirts, coffee, house lights, jewelleries and scarves. I bought a v nice pants tat nite. 🙂 We also saw children (below 5 yrs old) playing with frogs while waiting for their mums to go home.

We then settled down in a BBQ restaurant along the Mekong RIver. the BBQ steamboat tasted wonderful and the eggplants tasted so good, normally we don’t like eggplants!! i miss the soup!! had beer lao there too, and we did a cheers there in the chinese way… “YAMMMM>>> SENG!!!” this attracted the Lao group beside us. and they also yam seng with us. haha.. at the end, we joined their table. and we did the Laos’ way. “Sennn… Dem…”. they told us they just “Sendem”, they don’t Sennn… Dem…. but we are so used to our Yamseng way, so we still sennnnnnnnnnn demmmmmmmm.. with them.  hehe.. one of them – Song, is a tour guide, he speaks good english. Manage to get some tips from him regards to the next day’s tour.

Walked back to Vanvisa guest house, singing loudly on our way like crazy ppl. we lost our way back and turned few rounds around tat area. hehe.. the Guest house’s has a very nice resting area, which allows us to play with the traditional music instruments and had a great chill out there.

At night i felt a bit sick, i guess it was the bbq and my undried hair. There wasn’t any drinking glass in the room, so i use a supplement container as glass to have my Panadol Active. GLad that i felt excellent the next day!


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