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1. Went to Taiwan and attended the Buddhist Children Teaching Course together with a lot of wonderful people from Singapore and Malaysia.

2. Deeply touched while visiting an orphan house in Taiwan

3. Official teacher in the Buddhist Light International Association, Brunei.

4. I am seeing someone now 🙂

5. Visited Borobodor

6. Visited Old Folk House in Seria Brunei

7. Double Promoted to Yellow 2 Belt from White Belt in Taekwando

8. Attended Autocad Class

9. Worked as a Part Time Lecturer in Diploma in Computing.

10. Shifted home twice due to Land Erosion

11. Went on a Hen’s Nite Trip to KK

12. Went through a tragic with my family

13. Can cook white fungus dessert now

Is a shamed I didn’t complete this post.. I have no idea wat I suppose to write.. Posted after 10 yrs


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