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36 岁咯。。

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宝贝, 我们相处已经六个月了。。。 自从你从妈妈肚子冲出来以后,妈妈就一滴一滴的奶,把你喂的那么丰满,妈妈很有耐性, 妈妈也要颁个最佳合作奖给你!!

今天可以没人干扰我们俩。 妈妈可以这样好好的看着你。。。



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Ladies, Fed up with visiting the Ladies just to change the Pad?

Introducing the Libra Sanitary Pad..

I got a pack of Libra Sanitary Pad from Yeen while I was in NZ. I was first attracted by the pokka dots design on the Pad Wrap. I got to use it recently and i discovered something interesting in there.. There is this Odd Spots with some Funny Trivia/Facts on the Adhesive backing Strip!! 

Now we can have something to read on while changing the Sanitary Pad, too bad i don’t see anything like this in the brands i can find in the local stores. I think they can consider printing adverts on it too. good idea??

After the change today, i learned 3 things:

1.  It takes about 550 Peanuts to make a jar of Peanut Butter (That’s really a lot!!)

2. Man’s voice is deeper than a Woman because male has longer vocal cords (who cares?)

3. Koala Bears can live without water. (probably they munch on leaves to get water)

Thanks to Yeen, the Sponsor of the Sanitary Pad.

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My New Tattoos

Tattoo is a kind of art…

it symbolizes Freedom…

it symbolizes Youth…

It can tell stories…

It can make someone look Elegant..
wild… stylish…

If it wasn’t designed properly, it can make the person look disgusting.. thats why i said is an Art…

I got my first Tattoo in Singapore Few years back.. to me, it symbolizes Freedom~ ~ I’ve been thinking about my 2nd tattoo for quite sometimes.. I’ve been thinking about the design, where to place it, and where to do it.. and i finally did mine 2nd & 3rd tattoos yesterday with the most stylish design… i don’t think i will regret 🙂

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Once, there was a gal who loved to keep her hair long. She maintained her hair length to at least over her shoulder, sometimes straight, sometimes with curls. She definitely looked feminine.

September 2007, she walked into a saloon in Kaohsiung Taiwan. “I wanna look different!!” the Hairstylist cut cut cut, blow blow blow and wash wash wash. She turned up to look like how she used to look in 1997 – the Bob Hair gal. She definitely looked cute. * muahahaha*  https://blacksnail.wordpress.com/2007/10/13/1997-vs-2007/

May 2007, she walked into a saloon in Kiulap Brunei. She said: “You can do whatever you want on my hair!”
The hairstlyist cut cut cut, dye dye dye, blow blow blow, wash wash wash, blow blow blow, cut cut cut, gel gel gel and she turned to look like someone that doesn’t look like her anymore. She likes the new haircut because she looks different now. She doesn’t like it, because she doesn’t look feminine now, she looks like a teenage boy!!

Click below to see how her hair looks from the back.


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